Wednesday, June 8, 2011


5-6-2011 Sunday  

Self-made rice dumplings taste very light, I feel shame to let other try.

My wedding dinner will be hold on 9 dec 2011, night, at Safira Country Club which have swimming pool, sport area, and chalets, with full vegetarian feast.
Wedding ceremony will be on the next  day, 10 dec 2011, from Safira to my Butterworth house, morning.
Anyone who need stay can contact me.

廣告時間:我的喜筵落在十二月九日晚上(星期五)在北海區Safira Country Club ,(有游泳池,運動場的,有住宿),素宴,接新娘也在Safira這個地方。婚禮則在十二月十日(星期六)早上。要住宿的人可以通知我安排,但我沒有包住。

There was one lady having nightmare after wearing Hanfu outing, and she not dare to wear for a period of time, but today she dare to wear again.

There is a group of children saw me, then they shout: there is a man, there is a man! T.T

18 persons give me "LIKE" on this status. It is rare! haha

I want to upgrade my appearance, keep beard.


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