Thursday, April 28, 2011

農曆三月二十二 (Eng/Chi)

24-4-2011 Sunday  

After work, need to deliver a drum set to my student, she bought it yesterday.

Today schedule super pack, 8 students and need to setup the drum set before finish working.

It was very huge rain again in the evening.

On the way of deliver drum set, the traffic was jam due to the fall tree which block half of the road.

農曆三月二十一 (Eng/Chi)

23-4-2011 Saturday 

All Students of today come.
It's totally busy day!


ZaiZai grow up already.

The little puppy also beg for neighbor's feed.

Hair become dry after dry with table fan, the air-conditional even make the hair condition worst.

One of my University music buddy coming back from oversea working, waiting for his call to a drink, finally I think he busy on his thing, end up we no chance to meet each other this time.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

農曆三月二十 (Eng/Chi)

22-4-2011 Friday

My ex-housemates coming back from oversea working, one of them went to Singapore, one of them move out and working around Klang Valley,  In the old day, we are all student, burn the midnight oil together, having fun, party together, travel together, now everyone have their own life and duty.

Even through the storm was so terrible last night, today will be another new sunshine day! Morning.

Today our Hanfu member, wearing her hanfu attend her last class in her university life.

 Lenneth Siang 的相片 - 「手機上傳」

I will register marriage with my gf on next Monday, Thank the friends who support me and bless me.

Friday, April 22, 2011

農曆三月十九 (Eng/Chi)

  21/4/2011 Thursday

The morning was so hot, the car is the best place for them.

Today working wear HanFu.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

農曆三月十八。谷雨 (Eng/Chi)

20/4/2011 Wednesday 

Today's Lunar Calender, year of XinMao, Month of RenChen, Day of YiSi, This is a special date GuYu, which mean Grain Rain, BoGuJiangYu, a proverb that represent GuYu well, which mean plant Grain and Raining, and it is date when the sun have 30 degree with the earth longitude, from the history record, this day will have huge rain, it help grains grow.
Blogger blog post is now synchronized with Facebook's notes.

There are a shipment coming in, 1 box is around 26kg.

There is one of my buddy who late decide his marriage than me, but he will go through the marriage etiquette early than me!! it is like a car over take me!! super engine man!! congratulation anyway!

Previously there are 2 wrong information of picture. This is correct already.

The kitchen of my rental house, old but complete of facilities, just clean with my QingEr.

We can cook anytime, perhaps having party anything.

Any Drink? Tea or Coffee?

Love is share love, burden,care to each other, it is not something to exchange, when two people wanna live together  there a something in culture and life will to obey, as the Chinese ancestor said, cycle of life, law of life, LunLi law of human nature relationship.
۰•● ❤ ●•۰⒈輩孒ㄣ疼伱 (◡‿◡✿) ⒈輩孒ㄣ僾伱 ۰•● ❤ ●•۰ 寫於 2011年3月24日 20:17

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

農曆三月十七 (Eng/Chi)

19/4/2011 Tuesday

This morning is so hot, sunshine is very strong, it is quite in the morning, actually I planned to wear Hanfu to working one but I can't do it.

The day already hot during the cleaning, but it's still fine due to the weeded ground, it really make the job faster.

ZaiZai is going to become HotDog.

Study for seventeen years in school and University, join over 10 years old activity (Scout, Music Club, Band, Training camp, camping, hiking,...) but I still not have experience as a secretary, anyone know the jobs of secretary of a club?

農曆三月十六 (Eng/Chi)

 18/4/2011 Monday

The shop in China already received our money, Group of Purchase Hanfu now progress to next stage.  The cloth will be received on next 3 weeks!

Use the washing machine to wash three full bowl of cloths.

The environment will be change while our mind is change, our mind will change while the environment change also.  Today I clean my house and self-weeding.
Thank to the nice weather, the cloths all are dry, the grasses are weeded, the floor is cleaned.

Night, I going Kajang area to find one friend who met in Hanfu activity, he help me to fix my cell phone, very effective, just using one day, and the price is very reasonable, after that, we chat a lot about Hanfu society, 

This is a spare phone I use, my friend said it is a China-made N97 copy which no storage, no wireless adapter, no GPS, but it is able to call, send short messages, touch screen, multi-languages support.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

農曆三月十五 (Eng/Chi)

17/4/2011 Sunday

HP battery flat.
My cell phone was spoiled, using spare phone, due to I didn't charge it for a long times.

Today is ShiWu (15th of Lunar month), 
the vegetarian restaurant which close on Sunday usual was open today. 
Attend first even meeting of Hanfu society.
Today only I know how is the society work.


4th HuaXia (Chinese) Culture Training Camp committee list is out.
This training camp is 3 days 2 night, it is about the introduction of Chinese costume, Hanfu ,Chinese culture history and etiquette which are almost loss for about 300 years, the main purpose of the camp is let chinese learn, know back their own root, history and cultures.  It is open to all age group of adult, it is planned to hold at KL/Selangor area, food, stay, a set of Hanfu will be included, The date is we decide is on16-18 September 2011(Hari Raya Puasa, Friday-Sunday).  the fee and location is not yet decide.  
Stay tuned!




第四屆華夏文化生活營籌委會成立啦~~~ (^口^)

農曆三月十四 (Eng/Chi)

16/4/2011 Saturday

I told the kid student doing crime such as murder will get into jail, he reply me if at house, punch a doll, kick the doll, use knife to stab doll is a crime or not.

If the one over mind the pass black spot, even if the one have a new start, new choice, they will never feel happiness.

Cell phone's battery flat, change a spare battery, but it can be power one.


搞清楚自己人生的劇本——不是你父母的續集, 不是你子女的前傳,更不是你朋友的外篇。


農曆三月十三 (Eng/Chi)

15/4/2011 Friday

Many people thought the person with clever, gift talents person, with other to appreciate them only will be multi-talented, but what I strongly believe if the person not really clever, feel themselves not good enough. not much people appreciate them only will really put on their full effort to train themselves to be multi-talented while no else way to live. 
Found that there are a lots of talented people not really appreciate what they gifted, as compare with others, majority of them are not as patient as other, example: talented person will learn something in very short time, when they try to learn something that take some times, they will easily feel themselves not suitable to learn.  What I feel is the all the skills need time to practice.  Guideline, how deep your concentrate, how far you understand, passion, how much effort you put on are equally import when you learning something, time is only  one of the aspect, not all, so if the one can't master a thing after consume a lots of time learn can't just blame themselves lack of "gifted-talent".


For the love of god.
The rain and lightning was very huge today.

Shadow hand of begging.

Friday, April 15, 2011

農曆三月十二 (Eng/Chi)

14/4/2011 Thursday

The wound is still pain, especially when I play guitar.

Due to confuse of bills, over paid Tm NET's bill, after the account terminate, the company return the balanced in Check, the check is written in ex-housemate's name who register and leave several years ago. So need to send check to him only can retrieve the money.
因爲太多信件,我們多付了給TM net,我們關閉戶口后,公司把多餘的款額寄還給我們一張支票,問題是寫那個以前申請電話的人,他是以前住我合租家的,而且他已離開很久了。所以必須把支票寄給他我們才能得回那筆錢。

I believe in nature, by nature, with free hand, I can't eat any meat,so I choose to stop eating it. 

If you think smoking is a type enjoyment that causing pollution, personal healthy and other health, eating meat also a same type of enjoyment that have totally same effect.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

農曆三月十一 。爲什麽佛教吃素?Why Buddhism vege?

13/4/2011 Wednesday
戊戌 wuˋ xuˋ ㄨˋㄒㄩˋ

Weather is hot, puppy go into water when drinking.

A rod of Dog

Feel so evil...

Saw a friend's post why we should be vegetarian, perhaps in term of Buddhism, vegetarian is to avoid kill, somehow plant also a type of life, or perhaps we kill a lots of bug before we eat vegetable also.

I reply it like that,

Buddhism is a practice, learn to think of goodness, avoid self-fish, greed, angry, nonsense, a lots of Buddhism center encourage people to be vegetarian because meat eating will cause people start to being greed, angry, nonsense, arrogant..

Why I said so,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

農曆三月初十 (Eng/Chi)

12/4/2011 Tuesday

In front of house have a lots of animals.

Little "FiFi".  Have people want adopt him already, T.T

Other's food is always tastier.

Today I serviced 6 acoustic guitars.  
At workplace, we need to service one of showroom's guitar every Tuesday to Friday, so I did four guitar plus two customer today.

為什麼不能吃它們(第一集) 天上飛的

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

農曆三月初九 (Eng/Chi)

11/4/2011 Monday

Morning this FM modulator part loose.

The dogs all quite behave this time.

After breakfast, I went to Bank of China which located near KLCC, to pay money of purchase HanFu.

Since when the bank gotta charge another RMB$10.

Today only I really confirm that the trading at Bank of China Malaysia is using Ringgit Malaysia, and the exchange rate at the bank is actually quite high.

If the heaven is cold, the hell is hot, the earth is sometimes cold, sometimes hot, 
Just like today weather.

Doctor state that write blog can release stress and avoid sickness at newspaper.

There is something black stung in my finger, I don't know when it is happen, I can't remove by myself, so I visit doctor at night, he gave me a cream, and said: "Let it be, not need operation." charge Rm30.  =.=
中午時有東西刺進手指,黑色的,我自己都不懂何時弄到的,自己拿不出來,去看醫生,他給了防發炎的藥膏,和我說:“Let it be, 無需開刀。”然後收RM30。 囧

農曆三月初八 (Eng/Chi)

10/4/2011 Sunday

Sometimes when someone did  a bad thing will inspire another one doing good, he sacrifice his whole life to show us a very bad example, let's keep on remind ourselves that don't even follow his footstep, in another way, he is alike teaching us, with sacrifice his honor, even life, if you know how to think like that, you will found that actually they are so great, make himself fall to help other understand and improve. 
So, everyone have their roles of life, wrong or right is not always remain the same meaning until the end of day,  perhaps in end of the day, everyone will meet again in the heaven. 


QingEr fry tomyam bihon today.

Everyone have their own way to value a thing, own belief, how the one declare right thing, how the one declare what is good,  it is only moral is always true, so it is very hard to find another person that totally agree to what you belief or same declaration on the thing,  due to my thought different with majority of people, when friends met me, they normally will be offend by me silently, without any word, just see how I live will make their belief shake, declaration change, so for those people who over hold their thought and belief will start to debate with me, defend their own belief and thought.
For the most of time, all of this happen after the person know more about me.

人有自己的價值觀,信仰,自己覺得對的事,好的事,世上只有道德真理永遠是對的, 在其他的事情上往往這世上很難會找到完全認同自己的人,由於我和多數人不同,當人遇到我這個的人會無形中,寧靜中動搖他人的信念,所以那些過於堅持自己觀念和在意別人觀念的人們就會爭辯和維護自己信念。

How all people value a thing is different, how we declare a thing is also different, actually not such need to be make it same, why many people just like to request other to live with their way?

QingEr will only back tomorrow, we go out at night, after that, we play with puppies.

It proved neighbor give food to my dog.

There is a lady from Johor want this puppy, we are shoot a photo for her to see.

Monday, April 11, 2011

農曆三月初七 (Eng/Chi)

  9/4/2011 Saturday
Most of the kid now a day have a these device on their hands all the time.

Group purchasing Hanfu news updated, I successful received 90% money from friends.

It was a friend suddenly come to my house after my work, said he wanna let me see something, share something with me, (actually I listen he share once), this time he said it gotta show me a experiment, but this is Saturday night, which is the only time I can outing with my gf.

I have shown my ground clearly, tonight really can't, actually giving chance listen is let friend have chance to share his story only, I will never involve in those business, even how good it is, how many money can be earn in short time, or what ever, I already decide to delicate my life to art, music, except family there is no more extra time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

農曆三月初六 (Eng/Chi)

8/4/2011 Thursday

My house fridge is previously freeze until can't open at all, today finally open, don't know who can it open.


After clean.

Night have tea with friends at Piccadilly.

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