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This post is written by myself, hope it can make everyone have awareness to protect our only ship(earth)

We are all on the same ship

We are all the same ship which keep on moving on the sea, and there are no harbour. 我们大家都正在乘搭在同一艘船上,一艘不断在海上行驶的船,在这无边无际的海中,一个永远没有码头的航程。

Although the ship is a the only ship we have, but it has its resources for all human and ceature on it and the resource is a body of ship.

Resource is limited on the ship, because it can't get any resource from a harbour. but resource can be generated from one form to another, it also can be recycle, the process take time and the rate is constant.  All of this process are work under one rule, Rules of Natural.

Human and all the ceatures need to survive on the ship, so all of us must cut down the ship body as a resource to survive.

Animal and plants just use the resource which just enough for their survive, just eat whatever enough until next meal.

Human use resource for their needs.

What is a need of human?
for survive? for happiness? for celebration? for satisfaction? for guarantee for future? for fame? for future development?


Looking at the situation now a days, how human use resource on the this poor ship?

how human declare thier needs in life?

Is it follow our feel of satisfy get something in our life?

Is there any standard need in human life?
follow the one richest? follow the one who has highest fame in community? or follow the one who have longest age?

did human need a lots of food in their life?
Is it a must? some of humans just die of lack of food, some of humans just worry about obensity, some of humans scare of the lack of nutriens, some of human just used to order extra foods for themselves just scare of not enough, some of human just used to throw away the foods which over prepared.

In poor family, A dish of fish is share among the 5 members of family in one meal;
In rich family, A member in family ate 5 fishes in one meal.

Did poor guys and rich guys still survive? Is it any big different of thier body between poor guys and rich guys according to thier foods consume?
贫穷的,富有的人都活下来吗? 大家会因为食物的分别而另身体上有很大的差别吗? 

Did human need a lots of luxury in their life?
Human have cultures, human have religion, human have education, human has science, human have knowledge, it is all is the make human life more complete, more meaningful.Owning something will make human feel proud, feel secure, feel happy, but all of these feelings don't have standard, it won't be make a human feel enough unless the human feel so itself.

The worst evil in human mind: Greed, making human start to owning something over the needs, although owning something couldn't be forever, it is all need wanna full fill the feeling.

While human want extra things, for sure it need resource to make things, some of human are using money for things.

Human who have intelligece earn the money of human who need thier profession, human who don't have a profession go to get resource on the ship to sell to human who have intelligence to make product and sell back to them. It's a endless cycle until the resource finish.

Everyone want to be rich guys to own many things, to live in better (now a days declare as normal) way. 

Everyone want to be rich faster, the business must turn faster, resource must cut down faster.

Cut down of the body (resource ) is a must for human's prosperity, if all cutting down the resource is in the proper rate with control, with concern about the rate of genarating of resource, recycle of resource (our super ship can generate resources from one form to another), I believe it should be make the ship work longer, and move as usual.

Cut down the body of ship without control is surely make the ship spoil, although it won't spoil immediately, but it is act of leaing the dust for other to sweep.

The ship won't be balanced while moving in the sea if the body have been cut down a hole. The body of our ship must atleast stay balanced in the sea for the all ceature still safe on the sea, so moving of the body of ship itself is unavoidable. (Earthquake)

The ship is getting older, resource is unbalanced, who should be blame? who to do the job of repair of the ship?

Only Human, A special ceatures, they have knowlegde and mind, they can control, repair but they can destroy.

Although it is not everyone try to destroy the ship, although it is someone keep on repair the ship, but the ship spoil and drow into sea, all on the ship drow together because we all are on the same ship.

It just like a nuclear plant, some of worker take good care of the plant. some of worker work the wrong with making the plant explosion, the good worker die, bad worker die, the people stay near the nuclear plant also die.

If you are human, you have ability to read, to think, to having awearness of we(friend, enemy, strangers) are on the same ship, don't tell other (youself) that you are not involve of taking any responsibility of our ship.

From my point of view,

What a human can do for the ship(earth)?

Minimize the use of resource.

Don't over use the resource although there are some resource already cut down, it is not a excuse to waste, there are a lots of resource that able to stock for the future. ex: electricity, water, things.

Minimize expenses

Things are made from resource, so buy only what you needs, wear, transportation (lady, sorry to said that) extra begs, shoes, cloths, paper, books, (man, sorry to said that) cigarette, beer need to be avoid. Use public transport, borrow things/tool if can.

Minimize the plastic usage, polystyrene container

Try to avoid make rubbish on the ship, although the rubbish can be move to another place, but it is still on the ship. Try to use eco-bag, food container.

Just eat a enough portion

The size of palm of your both hand is a size of your stomach, you can't feel comfortable if you exceed that portion of food. Chewing the food evenly, it will maximum the absorbtion of the nutrien making you need less food.

Become a Vegetarian

Live stock is totally cruel and non-eco-friendly, the excretion of millions animals is making the air and water on the earth polutted. Human develop from the ape which only survive with eating fruit and leaf, why human not? Strongest animals on the land is only eat plants. The protein which get from meat, is which provided us a acid animo is actually (amino acid)can be obtain from plants itself. The feel of hungry is mostly is a feel of greed, of owning.
牧农业(生命物品)是非常残酷和很不环保的生意,千亿只动物的粪便在短时间释放出来,一定会造成大地空气和水源的严重的污染。以科学角度来说,人类是人猿的进化,人猿是靠吃水果和叶子来生存的,为什么人类不能呢?陆地上最强状的动物是草食动物。没错蛋白质是可以很方便地从肉类食物索取,吃蛋白质的主要原因是什么呢?人体要的是蛋白质消化后的酸性氨基酸(Amino Acid),其实植物是可以提供我们酸性氨基酸。饿是肉食主义者的一种感觉,一种贪心,一种占有欲。

Market demand is making the rate of resource cut down.

You can criticise, comment, choose not to believe, choose to do nothing, but the turth is always the truth, we all are on the same ship from the first day to the end of the day.

For the Peace and Love,
Let us with our own strength contribute as much as possible for our mother land,

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