Wednesday, August 11, 2010

miss my little Cat 想念家猫

Today one of my colleague taking emergency leave due to his father get into wad suddenly, company short of one important staff, manager scare the heavy work load, he allow us to close shop on 6pm which is 2 hours early.

We usually end work on 8pm, 2 hours early is quite significant to me, for sure I not dare to waste my precious time, in my mind I planned to eat a simple dinner, go digital mall to collect the motherboard which claimed on last few weeks, buying dog food, if the time allowed, I will go jogging.

I did the thing one by one, feel so cheerful, I am keep on smile when riding, until on the way going back home after purchase the dog food, I saw a yellow cat walking on the road, first feel come to my mind thought it is a cat that leave my home for a few months, my heart feel so uneasy.

Their color is same, the way it walk is same, but it obviously thinner than my cat, I doubt weather it is my own cat, on the sudden, I stop my bike on the side of road, try to approach it to check, it very scare of people including me, but when I call it as the usual way, it have some response, I go near, it scare until hide below the car, it meow a few times, the tone is obviously not the same with my cat.

I am still can't believe, want to check exactly, but it keep on hide and run away, due to it is look very similar with my cat, my heart feel so sad suddenly, feel like my own cat don't like me anymore, out of sudden, my mind collapse, think is it my cat losing memory? Or it don't like me anymore? Or it is not my cat? After a while, I have to leave. The mood to having sport is totally gone.

My cat is a male cat, since it become adult cat, it don't like to stay at home anymore, the duration it leave house become longer and longer, I am short of ideas how to make it stay, after all, I can't be accompany it all day, it also have its life out there, until now, it is not return for 2 months time. Hope it will coming back soon, I think I am over missing it.

The cat I met today.今天见到的猫

My own cat.我养的猫

Anyways, I think it's a fate weather we have chance to met again, hope it live happy and fine in its life. 


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