Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Due to my multipurpose phone spoiled, that are some challenge that I had to met in workplace, previously I was playing the backing track when I teaching electric guitar, drum.  Without a music player, the lesson is quite hard to conduct.  So, I was thinking for the alternative while my phone is under repair.

For long, I was hungry for the mobile device, such as laptop which provide huge function for music and light work purpose.  I never thinking to buying it in this moment due to budget problem, one laptop which can satisfy me is cost around RM2000.  Recently from the IT news, Netbook, one of the mobile device which smaller than laptop has been promoted by all well know computer company, Dell, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu,....  Then, I started to reading the review and start doing survey on it.

There are several spec need to be consider when choosing a netbook, 

The weight netbook is from 0.6kg to 1.6kg. The lighter of the netbook with better features will cost you more.

Size of screen is 7"-12", popular is 10.1"
Resolution : 800 X 480, 1024 X 600, 1024 X 768,1200 X 900, 1366 X 768

There are some touch pad allow you zoom, rotate, scroll with some simple finger gesture.

Normally one model of Network only have 2 color available.  The physical appearance is quite similar, edge of netbook, keyboard touch, touch pad design are vary.

It may be a main concern if you always bring the netbook outdoor.  Netbook is the best of the portable devices which provide the function like a computer and it consume less electric.  Normally the fully charges battery can stay from 3 hours to 15 hours.  It depend on the number of the cell inside the battery, and watt 
that can receive, more cell and watt that can be receive than it can be stay longer.  The brightness of screen and work you do on the network also will affect the battery life. 

The processor use in netbook is smaller than laptop's processor.  In this smaller size of processor, the technology at this moment only support speed of 1.6Ghz.  For sure, the way using netbook can not be the same with computer.  You relatively feel it "slow" if multitasking with netbook.

min 1 GB, max 2 GB, depend  the manufacturer and either the shop provide upgrade package.

160GB, 250 GB, normally they already make your drive into two partitions, you can store your date into non-system partition for better security.  Backup

802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11n is the latest technology of wireless which enchanced with MIMO (Multi input multi output), the transfer rate can hit to 300Mbit/s and range is more far as compare (Indoor: 70m , Outdoor: 250m) to 802.11a ( Rate: 54Mbit/s, Indoor: 35m , Outdoor: 120m), 802.11b, 802.11g ( Rate: 54Mbit/s, Indoor: 38m, Outdoor: 140m), so to get this type wireless card in network will cost a bit expensive.  But the main transfer rate is depend the wireless access point, mean 802.11n only can show its high speed transfer rate when it meet with N wireless access point. I believe all wireless access point here will be taking over with N type of access point.

XP, Window 7 starter, Linux. All OS provide is genuine product, and it normally can be recover to factory stages with simple steps.  So, reinstall OS without DVD-Rom is not a big deal. 

Build in web cam, 0.3 mega pixel / 1.3 mega pixel / 2 mega pixel
Blue tooth - transfer files and connect to blue tooth devices, there are some netbook not support this.
Video connection VGA - allow you to connect your netbook to bigger monitor, projector
Graphic card  - common with GMA950 which is Intel build in graphic card
Build in microphone, Network LAN socket - RJ45, USB port X 3, earphone port, external microphone port

RM800 - RM1500, depend on the brand and features

Futjisu (Stylish, comfotable), 
Toshiba (Stylish),
Sony (Stylish,  vary of color choice ),
Dell (Allow customize if you buy online, vary of color choice ), 
Asus (the higer rating in online review), 
Acer, ( more feature with reasonable price)
The sequence of follow the price value.

Good sales person will tell you what he should tell you, such as how long the netbook's company /side warranty, how long is the shop warranty.  What is the thing cover, how to do recovery, explain how it function.  When I purchase netbook, it was a netbook fair in digital mall, they suppose to give us a free gift as their company promise, the one served me going to give the free gifts to me, and he had blocked by his colleague, but finally he gave me a bag of free gift as well, fortunately I met him. 

My Netbook - Asus Eee PC 1005HA-M

The netbook I choose was Asus Eee PC 1005HA-M.  People asking me why I choose this model, I can not answer out simultaneously, I myself also not really know why I will choose this, there are a lot model of netbook suit me.  I think most probably is the salesman serve me nice when I survey the netbook, perhaps is the color available. 

My girl friend's netbook - Asus Eee PC 1000P

By the way, I am very satisfy with the one I choose. Now, I use netbook to online, blogging, store some music, learn music with music software.  Perhaps will try simple recording with in, hope the quality won't be so bad. 


  1. Asus is nice laptop since my friends also got recommend it...it made in Taiwan...

  2. ya, it's really nice, its battery really stay long! by the way, this one is netbook, a bit smaller than laptop. ^^


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