Wednesday, June 8, 2011


3-6-2011 Friday 

Friends, did you have a routine to buy the outside food to come back and eat? did you guys contribute something to our thing when you buying your food, perhaps one day avoid 1 or 2 Polystyrene packs, I riding to workplace everyday and I am a man but I still manage to use this, it is not really a hard routine to pickup.  I having this routine since 2 years ago. 

Protection of Environment is part of our life, it is not only simple slogan, it is a executable action, example, Earth hours is a Awareness event, close our light for 1 hour, if we can save our electricity everyday, less creating rubbish only full-fill the action of environment protection.

Don't know why I keep on met this type of situation! is it a challenge from God to doing testing on me?
If you met a female friend flying down in front of you, what should you do? I really can't let the situation goes on like that.

There was some shops out of electricity this evening, my workplace was OK that time.

Tonight, Doing Rice Dumplings, Five Spices Powder (WuXiangFen), Pepper powder.

Chestnuts, mushroom, Green bean, White bean. All of them need to soak in the water for several hours before use.

Use small onion, garlic, ginger and oil to cook all the dumplings's material, remember to put in Five Spices Powder, Pepper powder.

Soak glutinous rice for several hours with plain water, and before put in flavor, remove all water, flavors to put in are Oyster sauce, WuXiangFen, pepper powder, salt.  It is a first I did this, I not really know how much flavors that need to put in.

After all, bundle the Rice Dumpling(ZongZi), and hang it on the rack.

Cooking rice dumplings, use water and some oil, cooking time is four hours, I never have a detail planning for that, so end up with wake on several times on night to put in hot water for it to continue cooking.

Now I finally know it need so much time to cook rice dumplings!
原來粽子是要煮很久的。 T.T

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