Sunday, May 22, 2011


20-5-2011 Friday

Archery Discount voucher - 68 arrows for RM18 (original price is RM36) .
射箭配套折扣股本 - 68支箭 RM18(原價RM36)。


Got one said he want to rent room of my house, I said he need to sign paper and give deposit, and the deposit will be return by the new person when he move out, who know he said it is not secure, I just reply ask him to stay Hotel for secure.

The case is like that, my housemate move out suddenly and we gonna find someone to replace, and the one asking about room is only wanna stay for 3 months, asking a lots, as a tenant, I didn't get any extra money from housemate every month, everything is shared, in black and white, I gonna met landlord every month, in-charge house stuff, paying bills. I have nothing to do extra for housemate and new persons, someone even dare to ask for discount. LOL.

Someone said I shouldn't do like that, someone said I am too good, someone said I should stand at my ground.

Every house have own rules, if can't compromise with the rules, just find other.

If let the one who never give respect at the first place move in, it will be endless trouble with the one.



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