Tuesday, April 5, 2011

農曆二月廿九 (Eng/Chinese)

2/4/2011 Saturday

Guess who let my dogs play the plastic bottle.

My neighbor give this for my lovely dogs. 





Morning, the sun was hot, I had transfer dogs to a cold places where nearby housemate's bike, who knows, it   destroy the bike's wire causing the bike can't start, and my housemate late for working.  I received the news during working, and feel so sorry about that.  Although I paid back the amount of repairing bike for my housemate, but my dogs and I really make him late for working and make him difficult.

Mobile Phone fall down and Spoiled!
My phone was fall down during I teaching, due to I careless, my student was so happy that time because he not need to follow music which play by my phone when showing me his practice.

Actually this phone is totally the best device for my career, it provide nice music playing, huge stronger, nice organised meeting, time table,  really feel reluctant to change a new phone, so, I send to cell phone repair shop to ask how much to fit this, then only I decide for it.

I met a University friend at night, at Piccadilly, we didn't see each other since graduated, from him, I know a lots of news about my university friends.  He just join health career recently, he share health knowledge, business for improve lifestyle with me, for me, he really change a lot.

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