Friday, May 21, 2010

Prepare for Sawardeekap trip

Long time didn't have a feel to having a long trip. As plan, I will going to Sawardeekap trip with my housemate this saturday for a 1 week, this is a trip hold by my housemate, Henry, Jimmy which is their graduate trip. Actually I am not a coursemate of them, so I feel so glad to be invited by them, all just a friend.

I like the feeling when I prepare for a trip, the thing wanna prepare is actually a lot, it spend a lot time and energy, but I not feel tire at all, just feel excited and happy!

Before a trip, normally I'll prepare a list of a trip, to avoid forget something when the time rushing.
1. Cloth, shoe (swim, summer, club),google, cloth hanger, towel.
2. wash tool: brush, toothpaste, mouth wash, comb, hair band, toilet roll.
3. Electronic device: Hair dryer, hp charger, handset, extention.
4. Document: hard case file, dairy, pen, confirmation slip.
5. Other: Sleeping bag, plastic bag, water bottle.

I plan to bring one big haversack along the trip. I like this bag so much! Carry a haversack always make me recall the time I training, long journey climbing, camping.

My Haversack

I'll go back Penang to meet with trip-mate this friday night, by bus if possible. We will depart to Hatyai this saturday from Penang.

Almost forget my little cat, it gotta miss me...haha, no nice food to eat for a week.  Actually it already is a independent adult cat, hope everything will be OK after 1 week.  : P

Looking forward the trip...will update blog everyday if possible. ^^

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