Friday, October 24, 2014


17-6-2014 Tuesday

那是機器説話的,機器簡介説是Ambank打來,說我有3千8百塊匯入我銀行,叫我撥電回去confirm,還說按1號什麽,2 號什麽,。。。靠,有人匯款給我也要我同意,話説我沒有Amnbank戶口,最近也沒有什麽金錢上生意來往,3千8是很吸引,如果無端端拿到,多好,哈哈,但這是不對的,那有這樣“合理”的不勞而獲的事情,這分明明就是陷阱,電話詐騙。

my cell phone got a call yesterday morning, it has divert to voice mail while I am busy on that time, it was house fix line number, and then I call my voice mailbox to listen what is that about, the voice is a machine talking system, it said that it is call from AmBank, it state that I had receive RM3800, and ask me call back to confirm the transaction, then press 1 to call back, press 2 to bla bla bla....
I don't have any Amnbank account, and it's impossible to ask permission to receive a transaction while I have not transaction business recently, by the way, the RM3800 is quite attracting LOL, the mind is telling me that is probably about a tele-deception trick.

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