Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 4 of Sawaaderkap trip. Rafting.

Morning call on 7am, today's plan is extreme wave sport - rafting. The must bring item is ticket, spare cloth, water proof device protecter, water proof camera. 

After breakfast, we got some free time some picture of thailand's item to share with you while we are waiting the transport to Rafting which will arrive 815am.

The driver check our ticket before let us in, on our car, there are one europe guy with us. We had told that the journey to rafting's spot is about 1 hour and half, the van moving from beach to urban. Again on the journey, all people fall asleep, so it's time to write something about thailand's culture.

Thailand cigarette

Here, the human's race contain thailand which is the biggest population, chinese, malay, indian, mix. The religion here is mostly animesni, next is buddha, islam, chinese and hindism. There are a lot of buddha's temple here, next chinese temple, mosque which same with Malaysia. People here communite with thailand language, they are mostly can't communicate well in English, but yet they can successful doing business, perhaps the shop is strategy at the tourism spot. A few of them still can communicate in mandarin, hokkien, malay. After several of analysis, I found that body language is the most useful, the easier language for us and them. The meal they eat is quite similiar with Malaysia, rice, noodle, chicken, duck, beef, lamb, fish, seafood, vegetable, fruit, their food taste is sour, hot, spicy. 

Before we reach Monkey cave, there is one man, call Month give us some briefing about rafting, and tell us some story about monkey. He able speak well in english, and having fun with us.

There are around 50 Monkeys waiting for tourist at the monkey cave, and there are a few stalls selling banana, peanut for tourist to feed monkey, 1set of food cost 20batt. Inside, got one buddha temple, ticket go in also cost 20cost.

Buddha Statue

On the way to Rafting spot


Their TV Antena

Take another 30min to rafting spot, during the rafting, we are not allow to bring any belonging. So, we keep our thing into locker and about the things that we want bring to elephant trekking such as camera into another bag, the in-charge person will bring it for us to the elephant riding there, it's due to we will direct go to the elephant trekking point from rafting point.

They take this picture when rafting, sell us 150batt each

Before we start rafting, all of us must wear life jacket and helmet, and small tutorial given by Mat. Only a few instructions will be given, forward, backward, bumblabee(shake boat with body when the boat stuck on the rock), and stay balanced, besides how to hold, safety tips. The rafting boat they using is the small one which only can allow 6 persons include 2 guides. My boatmate is Wei, Kc, Sharon, the guide is Mat. We start rafting about 11am, the experience totally excited, special and fun! There are about 30 boat rafting there, the river just about 5 metre width, the situation is just like a floating market when we stop at a point.

Month, very good instructor of rafting

After that, we go to elephant riding point the time is about 12noon, we have given our bag. The riding took about 15min, the elephant can fetch 2 persons and 1 driver once. Actually they are doing photo rak of each ride. They sell it at 200batt with a basket of banana to feed elephant.

Lunch time, they prepare thai food and serve vegetarian as well, we can eat all we can. After we finish our lunch, the television show rafting's clip that they record all the time we rafting. They sell 500batt for the DVD and 150batt for our rafting picture. I just don't care about how much they sell and just buy it because it won't second chance to buy the disc. Actually I quite regret I didn't buy the video and picture when I rafting at Beaufork three years ago. The advanture is far more dangerous and excited that this. Really miss it!

With 99% capacity of stomach, we have push to progress to the next plan, playing at waterfall. The journey took about 15min, the tuk tuk car pass through jungle and hill. But still we need to walk ourselves into jungle to reach waterfall. The waterfall is fall from the height from 7 metre high. All of us have persuade to sit under the fall doing natural massage, the water is very cold and the waterfall falling with very strong force, the force is able to remove your pants and so that the bikini. There are a spot where the bottom is very deep, we can try jumping from the place where about 4 meter from the horizon of the water.

Guess what, Green Bamboo snake!


Someone jump into water, nice shot

Actually it's cold!

After all, we had send back to rafting point to changing cloth, packing. The staff here shake our hand to thank us before we go. The rain is started to heavy when we go up the van about 3pm, feel that the god really have a good plan for us.

At night, we go out for buffet at Ao Nang beach side. Dinner buffet is cost 250batt while vegetarian dinner cost 150batt, but funny thing is the buffet not include drink. 

After the dinner, all of us continue with a shopping, I buy magic trick item and learn some small magic trick there with 300batt. 
On 10pm, Jimmy and I going to thai massage, then others just take the hotel's transport to go back. The thai massage is only cost 200batt. Feel regret after doing the massage, regret because I didn't do it everyday here! The massage totally can make me feel relax, remove muscle pain. The massage include whole body, head, and shoulder, the customer need to change to their width cloth to get the service, it's to let the body can be move and rotate while the massage. After all, We had serve one tea after the massage.

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