Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 0 for the Sawaardekap trip

Actually the thailand trip will start tomorrow, but for me,the trip already started now. It's because I have to go Penang first and depart from there tomorrow morning.

Now everything is well prepared, waiting bus at KL, Duta station. It's the first time I taking bus from here, this station is well organise than Pudu station, counter will remind passenger when the bus come as I see, so far so good. The bus schedule is seriously delay here, I reach here on 850pm manage to become early bird of the bus, but when the time reach 9pm, the counter person only call for 830pm bus's passenger to ready. The bus is start to depart on 930pm.

The driver gave us a half hour break at simpang pulai's rest station. He drive fast and stable, when I arrive penang island's bus stop, the time is 145pm, it only take 3hours 45min. Thank Jimmy waiting and fetch me there, I stay at his house tonight.

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