Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1 of Sawaardekap: Hatyai

650am, I wake up, I'm the last person wake up among 3 of us, Jimmy and Henry. Jimmy's house is such comfortable, just like a 5 star hotel. After some preparation, Jimmy's parent fetch us to Penang island, greenlane, MCD to taking Van to Hatyai. We having breakfast there. The van reach here on 830am, and in the van, another 3 lady from Butterworth going Hatyai with us.

View on the way to Hatyai, Sungai Petani, Palm

View on the way to Hatyai, Jitra, Padi

1030am, We reach a rest house where located at the border of Malaysia. The driver collect passport from us and do the procedure at travel agent company there. Beside, there is a duty free shop, money exchange.

1110am, we reach custom of Malaysia's side. There is one express lane for chipset passport. there are about 20 persons in the queue at I am the last in the queue among our gang, with suprise, the system when scanning my passport, i guess it's because I not remove cover of the passport, finally I need to do it manually, and be last one of the van.

1121am. Reach thailand's custom side. All people need to check it manually, it will take snapshot of everyone's portrait. After that, the van fetch us to hatyai. On the way, I chat with driver about thailand's transport, he recommend us to go Krabi by van instead of bus, reason is we can save the journey from hotel to bus stop. He also told us that we can go to phuket by midnight ship from Krabi which pass through Phi Phi Island, it's the cheapest way if we want go Phi Phi Island. Of course, he keep on sales his company's service in our chat.

100pm. Reach hatyai, change time to thai time, 1 hour early. The feeling is like earning one hour. The van's driver at first bring us to buy Krabi van ticket, I buy tomorrow 930am, for 7 persons, 250batt each.

1215pm(+7 GMT: Thailand ). We reach our hotel, Golden Crown Hotel. The bell boy is very polite help us all the way, and ask us to booking show for tonight. I think he try to earn some commission. We just can't decide on time, so let him back first. With the universe plug and power extension, we able to change our electronic device.

100pm(+7 GMT: Thailand ), We gather to going out to having our lunch, we pass through 7eleven, so we go in to buy phone prepaid card. Actually it's quite hard to get information from the staff there due to they can't communicate well in english while we can't communicate in thai as well. I using body language, say single english word by word, spend about 10min only I get it done. The new prepaid card cost 50batt , and I top up with another 50batt. The credit inside is only 75batt, it is finish after I make several minute call to Penang's home and several sms. Other just can't stand for the 7eleven's staff, so while we hunt for our lunch, we found a phone call, they all buy their prepaid there. The prepaid Operator which they bought is 'happy' cost 149batt with credit 115batt. We all totally no idea when and where to eat, just simply go in one restaurant, after we order all the food only we know that it's a malay food restaurant, really make us all faint. One normal fry rice and water melon cost me 110batt.

230pm: Before we continue our journey, I go to 7eleven to top up, this time I buy 300batt credit. Another weird thing we found is 7eleven is not allow to sell liquor during 2pm-5pm. 

After that, we go to the nearest shopping mall have a walk.  The shopping here is quite similiar with Malaysia's. The franchise shop is same, only menu and price is different. Don't know why at certain area in the mall, they sell product just on the floor. The product they sell is souvenir-like. Many people looking thing there, our female friend direct bother us at all since they see this special market. So, I just going around see how is the hatyai culture, taking picture all the way. After I explored all the place in the mall, the shopping gang just finish their warm up, so we just buy a sundae cons which cost 9batt each at Mcd wait them at there.

Sundae con of McD at Hatyai, 9batt

415pm: We take 'tut tut' van go floating market from centre of the town. It's cost Rm50 for the go and back. We reach there in 15min, there have a lot, a lot weird thing, weird foods, hard to describe with word. Most of the product here cost from 5batt to 20batt, they sell drink only 20batt each with giving us special drink container.

 We spend about 1 hour there, our hand is sticky and wet after eat and drink snack food, so we go back hotel to have a short break first before the dinner.  715pm, we having dinner at food fourt nearby hotel. Spend 30batt thai mix rice, we continue spend our time at night market nearby, the product there is vary and cheap.

915pm, Jimmy, Henry and I just can't stand for the shopping there, so we try to explore for the place to drink of next plan. But finally we end up at cafe because ah Wei's friend who from Thailand bring us go.

Kiss Lounge, Place have Beer, Liquor, live band, and girl

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