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Day 2 of Sawaaderkap trip, Going to the beach

Due to we need to check out hotel and depart to Krabi on 930am, by counting the time for us having hotel's breakfast, so we need wake early, about 730am we wake up, pack our things, wash up, badly we only renting 3 double room, with the reason we only have 6 place of free breakfast, so 1 of us gotta sacrifice. Henry volunteer to sacrifice this time, he go to 7eleven to buy some food for himself, Appreciated. 

Chili sos, Ketchup, Kicap in Thailand

The van arrive hotel about 9am, after check out and breakfast we start depart to Krabi, before that we pass through van's office for the final briefing, because the driver totally not understand english, he don't know where to put us down. This journey is quite special a little bit, because Henry need to go Krabi airport to meet up with his gf, Peh Lee, she delay her trip because of something happen in her family. The incharge lady state that he van only fetch us to Krabi's town, not to hotel, we quite worry our hotel too far to the town and Henry need to reach airport in time, for the journey from town to our hotel, lady charge us extra 500batt, actually we are quite no idea about it. So, just let her 'chop' us. The van fetch another 3 persons from the office there, and we depart on 945am.

We are VIP of cinema, Gamble, Karaoke, sex service when we on this VAN :P

140pm, we arrive Krabi Airport, fortunaly, our van got seat to fetch janis, else, Henry and Janis need to go Hotel by taxi themselves. In another 15min, the van reach Town of Krabi.  driver left us to his friend's shop to intro us some Krabi trip package.  1 full day package surrounding 3 Island cost 900batt each person, we finally manage to get 100batt discount each person after bargaining.  After that, we move to our resort, the road pass through hill, Jungle, Village, Palm forest, rubber forest.

3 Island Trip package, 800batt each

On the journey, all of them is just fall asleep easily except me. While listening thai's music which driver play, I counting my own expenses of my first day in Hatyai, it's about 1500batt(RM150+-), this amount is exclude hotel stay. This figure is quite suprising me because I didn't buy any big items, it's all lunch, dinner, transport, phone prepaid card.

It's quite expensive to surfing net with mobile, it's 4batt/min. I try to find out wap promotion but the request sending always return fail. Let me tell you guys how to make international call and sms from Thailand.

Normal Call: +[country code][mobile/area code][phone number]
example: +601641540XX

Standard IDD call: 00500[country code][mobile code][phone number]
example: +00500601641540XX
Premium IDD call: 005[country code][mobile code][phone number]
example: +005601641540XX
Sorry, I can't not sure about call rate, but the normal call is the most expensive rate while standard IDD is the cheapest.
sms: +[country code][mobile code][phone number]
example: send text to Malaysia's digi number - 01641540XX
phone number should input: +601641540XX
It's cost 10batt each text and it's zero cost for receiving text.

The thailand number I take is 0872995786, it's include mobile code, by input +[thailand country code][mobile number], so, to call or sending text to my thailand mobile is +66872995786. I think the sms rate should be RM1 each, call rate 4batt per minite.

Let introduce our trip member, it's totally 8 person including me.
1. Henry, my housemate, the main planner of this trip.
2. Janis. Henry's gf. She will join second day.
3. Jimmy, my housemate. Assistant planner of the trip.
4. Sharon, Henry's coursemate. A playful lady.
5. Sin er, Henry's coursemate. A quiet lady.
6. KC, Henry's coursemate. A always late lady.
7. Chang wei. Kc's bf. A steady, sprorting man.

On the way to Krabi, We stop at rest house which have local item shop. The main item here is cake and cookie, one of special is the beer here is about the same price with the mineral water.

A lot of local product here

On the way to Krabi

Finally we reach our hotel, Sunda resort at around 3pm. The design is very special and give us a feeling of village. After we bath and take a small rest, we take resort's free vehicle service to ao nang beach side to having our "lunch", the time is 445pm when we depart from resort. It's take about 10min ride.

Walk to the our room

Two Single Beds

Bath Room


Free transport service of the Resort, Until 10pm daily

Lagna restaurant, recommended from mostly of the people here

Green curry, white curry, Tomyam

Pineapple fry rice

There are a lot of shop at the beach side, they sell food, drink, cloth, liquor, ... I try cocktail with 79batt , buy some beer and chips, buy one krabi t-shirt 130batt. After that, we just call resort's shuttle bus to fetch us back, the bus arrive in 10min time.


A lot of shops but the products they sell are quite similar

Ao Nang Beach

Small Island

The view is just like Penang, Batu ferringi

Cokcktail Stall

Sex on the beach, Grass Hopper

The shop here close on 10pm

Night Swimming

We back resort at about 730pm, then we progress to the next plan, drink and night swim at the swimming pool. We play until 10pm, then all of us just back to rest, this resort have a lot mosquito, perhaps there are surrounding with the jungle.

Night Sky and Pool

Mi Mi, the cat which live at Resort

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