Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 5 of Sawaaderkap, Phuket.

After done of packing, Jimmy and I going to have our buffet breakfast, the dishes of breakfast is about the same. Our phuket's transport reach resort on 10am, the journey from Krabi to Patong, Phuket is about 200km.

1230am, we reach Asia loop hotel which own by one Italian man, this hotel very cheap it's only 600batt per night for a double room. Here got free wifi, 7eleven is just beside, and there are motor bike rental service which cost 150batt, the van's service can easily to get if you request from the hotel.

After that, We go to Jungcelon mall, which is luxury mall. The design is very special, there is water fountain, the fake ship as main decoration. We having lunch at the restaurant here. The shopping is quite similiar to the city mall, the price of the items are slightly cheaper than Malaysia's mall. Money exchange, carefour, robinson,cinema, video games also available here.  

The Decoration of Mall is very nice!


Adult Video is legal here :P

CRT TV for gaming?!

After walking a round at the mall, we going out to finding a trip plan outside, we walking around the area around mall, we try to find Hong Island package which we miss it when we at Krabi, after bargaining war, we manage to get 900batt each person from 2200batt each person, Sharon really is good bargain person, perhaps we have a lot people.  First day in Phuket, we having out dinner at Food stall nearby.

Food Stall 


Thai Kick Boxing

About 630pm after dinner, go mall again and now the water fountain's light is on, many tourists take picture there.  The day going dark early here.
Photo taken by Nokia N96

Really pretty!

In front of the Jungcelon Mall

Night at the Patong, Phuket
Rock City Pub

Tuk tuk car available everywhere, everytime here

We walk to manga road on 8pm, they block the road and let tourist walk along the road. There are about hundred of night club, pub and disco. The special here is actually sexy girl show, naked show, shower show, pole dance..., just buying a simple drink you can go in "enjoy" the show free. The sales person keep on pull people go in their pub along the Bangla road.

Bangla Road, it's all about Liquor, girl show, lady Boy show, sex

Pole dance show

They just dance, act sexy in front of customer

Souvenir Shop 

After all, go back hotel about 1040pm, we buying some beer and chip at 7eleven then we go swim at hotel's swimming pool which located at roof of the hotel.

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