Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 6 of Sawaaderkap trip, Sea Canoeing, James Bond Island.

Today trip is sea canoeing around James bond island. The van depart from hotel on 8am, everyone quite rush for it, just buying some bread for the breakfast. It's not only us on the van, there are about 16 people in the van including driver, 8 of us, 3 ladies of hong kong, 1 pair couple from Holland.

It's take about 1 hours to reach the port. We take the small ferry to go James Bond island, that is about 20 tourists on one ferry. They serve us simple breakfast, coffee, tea, biscuit, some of them able communicate in english quite well, and they are friendly, funny. Actually this trip is quite enjoyable and easy, not any strength needed, that is just simple sit on the canoe, enjoy the view, take picture, beside, this trip is dry trip, mean not need bring extra cloth to change, unless you want play in the sea.

Free light Breakfast on the slow boat

Small briefing

The boat have 2 level, Kitchen and toilet at bottom

We going to use air canoe

We are reach James Bond island at first on 1130am. The ferry stop at the middle of the sea, they fetching everyone to the island by canoe which is gas canoe, the landmark of it is the cone shape of hill which the point of cone is pointing into the sea. There are some stalls selling local products. The tourists are still a lot although it's a weekday.

About James Bond Island

They called this Island as James Bond Island because of this, wonder why.

Henry and I

We need to walk sea which about half feet to go to stall at James Bond Island

Small cave at James Bond Island

After that, we having lunch on our ferry on 12noon. They serve us with fruits, thai food and western food. On the same time, we are moving to another island where there are a lot of caves, it's take about 30min to reach here, now the sea canoe trip is start, one canoe can fit in 2 or 3 adults and 1 guide. It's take about 45min to make a round in the island.

The phone's battery running low due to yesterday the phone was not charge correctly, so picture taken is quite limited. The battery is flat when we going to another island, the view quite the same, stone, rock, tree, cave's rock, but still it give you a feeling natural, and peace.

Meet with fisherman's boat

Jelly Fish

James Bond version 2

Sometimes we need pass through the cave like that

Red tree

The last island, they give us chance to canoe and swim around beach, we play there about 30min. None of us swim in the sea except Henry, and he is the only attacked by the jelly fish, how lucky is him? By the way the injured is not serious and it's not a first for him. The staff use one kind of leaf to stop the pain. After all, we go back island on 330pm, on the journey of back, the staff show us some simple magic tricks to entertain us, making straw flower for lady, the special is there are one funny guy who able to make animal sound, and funny sound, he really make us laugh all the way. We reach port on 4pm, they thank us and send us to our van. The time we reach hotel is about 445pm, we go swimming pool directly.

Gasoline, small stall which sell petrol

About 8pm, we gather among us who wanna go to massage, only 5 people including me want to go for the massage, we walk down to the town to find body massage to release body's muscle pain. The range of rate here 200batt to 300batt for 1 hour massage. After massage we go eat thai food dinner, spend about 200batt each.

Erotic Toy, 300batt each

Wonder what they playing, keep on hammer the nail on the log

No one want to see live band here, but still they keep on ROCK.

There is about 6-7 streets like that make tree-branch with Bangla Road

Lady man

See the lady boy behind the black shirt guy? Sorry hand keep on shaking

They will naked each other, or by "himself"

Totally lady boy

Fortune Teller, Patong beach

Patong walkway

One of the famous Business here

It's the last night in the phuket, so that our trip, we go drink and see some free show, the main performer is actually lady boy. it's quite hard to different who is real lady by our eyes, some of them is totally sexy and pretty than real lady. Tonight we are not going back to hotel with tuk tuk car, we walk around the town, buying some drink, and buying some thai supper from 7eleven to try before we going to bed.

Instant porridge from 7eleven

Last night at Asia Loop Hotel, Patong, Phuket, Thailand.  

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