Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 3 of Sawaaderkap trip, Snorkeling around Phi Phi Island, Krabi

The room is totally comfortable and cold although we set air-condition timer off on 4am. After packing some swim stuff, we directly go resort's restaurant having our free breakfast. While waiting the transport to beach which promise will fetch us on 830am, we take some pictures, tie my hair to fish bone style. The van come on 850am after Sharon remind the office with call.

Our Trip recipe

Imagine what will we see later

Going to depart, Ao Nang Beach

On the speed boat

Snorkeling stuff

Bamboo Island

9am, We arrive Ao Nang beach, we are requested to go up speed boat. The boat can fetch 30 peoples. There are another 7 peoples from Malaysia, Setapak UTAR, it take about 30min from Krabi's beach to Bamboo island's Beach, sea side snorkeling, it's like a small warm up. Just snorkeling around the bandaries they made along the sea. There is only a few fish here, but still i have bite by the small fish, the feeling is like girl pinch on my stomach. We just spend 40min here.  The coral here is only a few if compare Pulau Redang, Malaysia.

Beach of Bamboo Island

Tsunami hazard zone

1020am, we depart to Phi Phi Lake island, the staff told us it will take 20min. There is just take picture, beach side bay swimming. The service include Jungle tracking. It's rain about 15min after we reach here. I feeling the natural and bath in the rain, that's totally fun. Here, We only taking some picture and swim around the bay.

View of the Phi Phi Lake

The sand is white, The sea is blue, The mountain is green

About 1150am, the boat depart to Phi Phi Don island having lunch.  We reach hi phi don about 12noon , The lunch is simple asian buffet, and pasta. There are a lot of shop there. The item here is a bit expensive as compare with ao nang there but the item here is quite different from hatyai and ao nang. Buy a reusable water proof camera which contains 27 films with 750batt.
Shop on the Phi Phi Don Island 

Water Proof Camera, 750batt

130pm, we depart go monkey bay, it's take 20min reach, snorkering at the middle of the sea about 45min. There are more coral and fish as compare to Bamboo Island. Try camera, i think the first and second picture is just a waste. As usable, we spend 45min here.

215pm, go Maya bay, medium rain at the beginning. We just don't care the weather, and jump into a sea with life jacket, Fish and coral is a lot as compare here. Spend 45min here, we take a lot of under water's picture there.

After the Snorkeling

4pm Reach ao nang beach, all of us very happy to see the beach, because waiting toilet of so long time. We reach our resort, we direct go swimming pool, swim and take picture under water there.

Sweet Couple in the Pool

Next is the dinner time, we gather at resort's lobby by 7pm to take free transport to Ao Nang beach. Due to the film water proof camera already finish, so I need go to camera shop to wash out the film photo and buy a new film, they offer CD burning from film as well which suit me the most, the cost is 430batt with one Fuji film 36.

Vegetarian Tomyam

The most spicy food in the trip

8 persons spend 1879batt for a dinner here

After the dinner, we just shopping around the shops, finding the cheaper plan for tomorrow's activity, tomorrow we got two choices, Hong island(Kayak round island) or rafting. Majority request for rafting, the cheapest package we manage to deal is 1500batt, it plus the transport which we need for next station, phuket. finally, we end up with mini pub there.

K.R. Bar

Free welcome drink

One basket of Beer, 190batt

 Due to we spend the night until 1145pm, we need to go back by tuk tuk car due to resort's transport only offer until 10pm.

Henry seen like very happy :)

Water Proof cover for Mobile Phone, 190batt

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