Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 1 of Taiwan Trip, Arrival

This is final year of my younger brother's study in degree of causelling in Taipei City. He going graduate on 19June, I feel my family like receive blessing of gods, all of my family have this golden opportunity to travel oversea together! It was 11 years apart from the family's travel.

The flight we choose is Air-asia, which only have flight line from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur. My parent and young sis depart from Penang midnight one day before the flight to find me at Petaling Jaya, then with a great help from my buddy, Garrett, we able to save parking money which is around RM250 and time for the journey to the air-port.

It took about 1 hour to arrive LCCT air-port. We arrive there 730am while our flight is 10am. First thing, we check in with our booking code, send our lunggage into cargo. After we obtain our boarder pass, with the available time, we went to old town coffee shop to have some breakfast.

The plane to the Taipei is medium size which plane type is A330-300. There are 9 passengers in a row in the middle, 7 passengers in the front and end, 51 rows totally allow the place support up to 450 passengers. The place is about 90% full, the passengers start to move to the better seat for better view and place when the plane is stable.
这架去台北的飞机是一架中型的飞机 A330-300,它有50排的坐位可容纳大约450乘客,机身中部1排有坐下9个乘客,机身前后端则可以容纳7个乘客。这班机只有90%的乘客,当飞机到了平稳的时候,人们就开始私自换有更好风景的与舒适坐位。

There is not jet late between Malaysia and Taiwan. We arrive on 230pm the flight take 4 hours half. Due to my phone, camera suddenly can't be on, perhaps is circuit is too hot, i miss a chance to take very nice taipei view from the place. So bad. There are some part of city have a lots of high building, a another part of it is look alike as village, they plant rice beside their house. Really hard to describe without a picture.

From airport to city, there are one cab monololy the business. There are quite high range car, such as Toyota camry 2.0. Painted black and yellow. My brother meet us there and ask the cab to send us to petrol station nearby to get another taxi to hotel. About 7min journey from airport cost 150NT. From the petrol station to the Taipei cost 600NT.
从机场出去城市是必须坐他们规定的德士公司载出去,他们的车都是黑黄色的,还是名贵车Toyota Camry 2.0. 我弟弟在机场接了我们后,我们就乘那黑黄色的德士去附近的油站乘另一辆德士去台北县,我们这样做是因为那黑黄的德士载我们短短大约7分钟的路程竟然要150NT。从油站去台北县走旧路要大约2小时,因为车超出人数,收费只是600NT。

We stay nearby my brother's university. 1 night cost 1200NT. There is a lots of student walking around. Their style is just like US type, listening music when walking, perhaps with big headphone, skate board, wear like Japan, almost all of them dye their hair. The restaurant here is design to attract teenager, students, we also testing the student life there, having dinner at one of the mini steamboat shop, one main course is 100NT, but rice, drink, desert is free of all.


After that, we go to see some monument, go GongGuan to see the street stall, try some food drink. We use public bus, MRT for our journey with easy card which is something like a touch n go at Malaysia.
过后,我们去中正纪念馆,去了公館见识一下,那儿的小食是蛮特别的。今晚的行程我们都是用公共交通,这里叫捷运,蛮方便的,因为我们都是在用像touch n go 的悠游卡。

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  1. I plan to go too^^
    will watch where you going

  2. thank viewing...the posts will be edit again until let you guys know more about Taiwan. ^^
    The posts after this will be more interesting! I promise, :)

  3. i want to travel to taiwan, but still not afford yet ><

  4. 一定可以的。一人大約RM1500七天。


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