Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Expenses of Sawaaderkap Trip

Today work until 715pm, it's rain when I going to back.  

Forgot to pack the rain cloth, so ride in the rain tonight, buying dinner at Sea park, ride in the rain again going back. Cold? Cool.
After settle all the thing, the time already 830pm.

Actually I have a habit to record down all of my expenses, it's not really the exalt value, but it's enough for me know how I spend, perhaps make my expenses more effective in the future.

For the 7days 6night Trip at Thailand, Go Hatyai with Van, Go Krabi with Van, Go Phuket with Van, back KL with Flight.

Transport : 760batt + RM35
Flight: RM238
Prepaid Phone Card : 450 batt
Trip package: 3250batt
Hotel (Accommodation) : 600batt + RM198
Eat ( For survive) : 1200batt

Drink + Snack : 3500batt
Item (Souvenir and for myself) :   6000batt

Total thai batt spend is around 16960batt which is around RM1800.  Plus the Ringgit Malaysia which I spend when I doing reservation before the trip, that is totally RM2271.

When the money earn, it take time, 1 class, 1 session, 1 day, 1 month, when we gotta spend, It take just a moment.

So, it called "Work hard, Play hard, Die hard".


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