Monday, June 7, 2010

New member of my house

Last few days ago, neighbour bring back 2 female puppies. It been left at somewhere without its mum, it is predicted about 1 month plus old from its birth. It's playful, energetic, no shy to human at all.

Due to adopt a puppy is not a easy job, and this time is two puppy straight, so my neighbour ask weather we know anyone want one of their puppies. Actually I have been finding a puppy to adopt for a quite long time ago, reason I like dog, and train a train watch dog is might be a solution for the security here.

To start adopt a puppy, the owner actually need to invest some money for the puppy's daily product and food. It is cost around Rm50. Fortunately, there is a hardware shop still open on the evening of sunday at ss2, because I need steel net is cover some part of gate to avoid puppy simply go out to the road causing accident.
Several hour stay with it, found it really playful, like to sleep, but not really like to eat, may be it want diet since it is so fat. :D

The hardware shop which open on Sunday at SS2, Petaling Jaya

But still can't find a name for this female puppy, it seen like not show response with any name I call it.
Tire, look forward to tomorrow, waiting any suprise from it. :p

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