Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4th year.

11 June 2006, I holding her hand promise I will take care of her, be with her the best I could and as long as I could. Then the journey started, there are a lot happy, joy, sad, angry, a lot of story, a lot of challenges, the story still going on.

Now, 11 June 2010, a lot of changes on us, both of us working for survive, we work at different location where is about 120km apart. due to the different of off day, we only have a night time of outing. But the outing will be great and wonderful if we appreciate it.

Don't know when it start, both of us like the western lifestyle. We like to have a drink at cafe, tasting expresso, sometimes beer, having some chip, chat for whole night. Perhaps the environment provide the comfortable and peace.

In the story, there are no all happiness, but there are full with sadness. The sadness is seen like appear to be show how significant is the happiness, so everything going fine in the end.

Thank for the love for years, thank making my life colourful, I love you. 


  1. thanks for blogging and recorded our 4th year anniversary...^^
    no matter how difficult or how easy our life is.. i wish to spend and share my every moment with you.. share our joy, share our sadness.
    we used to meet each other everyday. It is not easy to maintain our relationship since we are seperated by the distances of 120km. but this makes me to be much more appreciate the moment we hanging out together. i really enjoy the way, the lifestyle, we spent for every weekend, chit chat, chips, beer, coffee.. everything is so wonderful..>.<
    thanks for holding my hand for the beginning till now.. i love you.

  2. As long as both of you hold on to the relationship and appreciate each and every moment you both have gone through, you'll know deep inside you that everything is worth it. Happy to see this post :) Happy 4th Anniversary, Chin Loong and 心晴 :)~♥~


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