Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long times I didn't touch her

Due to went to one week of oversea trip, the thing at my room was mess, and laziness, I didn't touch her for several weeks. Usually I didn't practise at home, scare I'll disturb neighbour and housemate.

Her "hair" still smooth, shiny, the tension still there. Only tuning is a bit out, every time I meet this situation, I got a same feeling. Feel my hand became slow and pain when I touch her. Every guitarist hate this feeling, but no other way, need practise back, it's impossible to practise everyday, let fingers used to it, it's a loop, a cycle, just like a life, from low to high, high to low again.

Night, my little sweet heart back from her workplace, so, it's time to sit down, drink some coffee, having some chips. Desa Parkcity is always a nice, quiet and affortable place to drink tea with very nice lake's view.
晚上,我的亲爱的从远方回来,我们找一个地方好好坐下,喝点咖啡,薯片。Desa Parkcity是个很浪漫的地方,平静,价钱公道的悠闲地方,在旁还有一个很美的湖景。

Silent and cold night, it's romantic night with her, Good night.

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