Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 7 of Sawaaderkap trip, Last day.

Wake late tonight, there is no plan today, just packing, go to mall Jungcelon nearby for the last shopping.

With 200batt, we have fetch to destination. it's calculate by trip, although we only got 4 persons, another 4 persons went back to Malaysia due to they choose different flight with us. Fuji, A japanese restaurant which you can't find in Malaysia, the meal is quite worthwhile, and the portion is huge as compare to Malaysia's well known Japan restaurant. About 300batt, you can get sasibmi, tempura, beef, rice, noodle, drink, the set lunch even more variety! There is a free small dish of fruit serve for everyone when you pay the bill. It's strongly recommend for Japanese food lover.

After the meal, with the 110% of fullness of stomach, we go in the mall for our final shopping at phuket, at thailand. There is a low ground floor is especially for local product. Here, it's a shop and stall which stand alone in middle of the road. The price shop's item is more expensive in the term of batt, and the price is normally un-bargainable. The stall is different, bargainable, and they may make up or double up the price if they see foreigner. 

It make from part of car and bike engine part

Stingray's skin product, they belief it can protect the one  from the evil

The save way to get cheaper item is actually not buy a product unless you check the price around the market area, there are a lot duplicate stall here. To check the price, just use body language is pretty enough, touching the thing you want, and they will tell you the price, don't bargain the price unless you wanna buy now. Simply see while you walk away, then they will tell or shout you with discount price, I recommend don't bargain first is because we might be go back to same shop to buy thing if we found that there is the cheapest. Buying the item too rush, will definately make you regret, because you will found cheaper and worth item if you walking along the area.

Why got Arsenal shop here? More Arsenal fans in Phuket?

Kick boxing pant

Actually we plan to watch movie after lunch due to the fullness of stomach one, but we end up with shopping at there until 545pm. The item is cheap, interesting and varity surely make you think about what is suitable your family, friends.

We back to hotel with tuk tuk by 200batt each trip. Really respect their service, they even taking wakie -talki for the business purpose at shopping entrance. There is totally no worry about transport if you have some batt.

We settle our dinner with buy something bread at 7eleven due to we are too rush. Our driver, Mr. sky fetch us go airport, with 600batt one car. He take about 45min to reach. He told us about him, and Phuket, he said there is a phuket drift show on sunday, entrance is 1000batt.

Check in at Asia counter

Our boarder pass

We check in air port with flight's iterary, we get our boarder pass and send in our bag. After it, we have checked through thailand side's Custom check, over the checking boundary, that is duty free zone. 

Custom check

To legal entrance to Malaysia, each person is limited to bring max 1 litre liquor, max 1 carton of cigarrcate, perfume is for one person usage, but chocolate is unlimited. There is not money exchange here, there is not ATM machine here, so if you lack of money, you can use only visa credit card, or debit card for purchase here. The interesting is there is one shop at the end part which provide unlimited food, drink, internet, big sofa for people to spend unlimited time here, i think that is a good choice to spend time here if the flight too early or too late. The entrance fee also quite reasonable, 350batt.

There is a bus fetch all of us to the place to going up the flight, the flight we take can fetch about 200 passengers. The phone's battery is flat already at this moment, so there is less picture taken on the flight, miss the pretty city night's view. 

We reach KL, LCCT on 1215am after the 1 hour 20min flight. Maybe it is midnight already, all the passengers need to walk about 15min go in building. The duty free market still open on this time. After collect our bag, when we meet with my friend outside, the time already 1am.

In the trip, there are a lot of happy, dirty, smelly, exciting, tiring with swimming, playing, chatting, eating, drinking, trying, all end up with nearly pokai condition. It's nice trip, actually I feel it is worth for the money spend.
Really bought a lots of things

I'll share my expenses later. Good luck guys, good bye guys. look for the next trip next year!

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