Wednesday, April 6, 2011


5/4/2011 Tuesday

Today is ChingMing,  the day which is Chinese pray for their ancestor.  Due to the working life, I didn't go for pray my ancestor for years.

my Nokia N96 is back! kena RM150, screen problem.
The service really efficient this time, only taken 4 days.  Previously it was caused by the heat which overuse the GPRS. Now, I know how to prevent it, but it fell down.

Night, I having dinner with friend at SS2 Mall, SS2 mall is new to him.

It is a Malay village style restaurant.

Due to the heavy rain, my housemate move dogs to the place whereby near to another housemate's bike, and he is so kind to open a umbrella for the dog.  Who knows, the dog destroy and umbrella, and the bike seat of my housemate which cost about RM70.


No matter the life long or short, need work hard to make our life no regret, the life is only declare meaningful when there is no regret. 

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