Monday, August 23, 2010

Handcraft of the Animal's Foot mark 动物脚印的手工品

Last week off day, when I was very down, suddenly I think about some scout handcraft which involve animal - Handcraft of the Animal's Foot mark.    
上星期,当我很低落的时候,突然我想到幼时童子军的关于动物的手工- 动物脚印的手工品。

1 teen female dog, 2 puppies of mine.  They are totally naughty!

Modelling Clay.

Playing the clay until soft.

Compress it into container, make sure the surface become flat.

It's so hard to get the foot mark of my big dog, FiFi, she was scare that time when I took her leg to press into the clay, seen like after taking foot mark she will going to die...I took half an hour to chase her in front of my house for a foot mark.

Put the white ash into container amount can be determine by how big you want of the handcraft. Put little of water drop by drop until it is become solution, don't too dilute.

And pour onto the clay.

After I "release" FiFi, She play mud to release her scare.

It's took about 1 week to become solid.  That is the job.

The time pass won't be coming back, whenever possible, appreciate what we have now.

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