Saturday, August 14, 2010

Negative to positive 消极去积极

Recently, many unexpected things come into my life, it make my routine out of route. 

I suppose have many times, but the time now are seperated into small part, by uncertain things. The time available now has been distributed.

Every time, when I failed to execute the thing plan, perhaps the thing is as small as practice from other's point of view,  but I will feel very down, I think I am too perfectionist toward time management.  The impact may make me lazy to have new move, to have new plan, although I understand it's not good, but it's still affected me.

Human like be live in the same way when they feel comfortable, not willing change, especially when lazy, I got a friend told me before how to overcome it, we can try do something rare, to make our feel refresh. For me, doing extreme sport is rare thing in my life. So I decide to jogging with 10kg havesack after work.
人就是喜欢安于现状,保持不变,尤其是懒的时候。曾经有位朋友说过,人生要突破,我们可以做一些平时不做的事来刺激自己, 让自己有新的感觉。做激烈运动是我平时不做的事,所以我决定放工后背10公斤的背包去跑步。

After everything prepare, the day become dark and going to rain, it's seen like the god pouring cold water to me, challenge my patient, failed to execute a plan will definitely make people feel down, I don't to feel down anymore, no matter how I feel step out to jogging.

First step always hard to make, for most of the situation, but once the first step moved, the second step will be easy to make, then so that the follow steps.  I went to the nearest park to jogging, don't care how other look at me. Finally after 2 rounds, sport shoe spoil, this time I need to give up completely.

At least, this time I have execute what I promise to myself, although it not completely turn myself into positive minded, but it give me a fresh mental mind, it's sense of achievement.  

weird, the day turn after I back from jogging, fortunately I get through god's challenge.

The world is turning everytime, the thing changing every moment, if we stand on the ground, there are many thing to loss. 

If you are positive now, remember the feel, keep it on!

If you are feel negative, faster find a way to overcome it, don't let it kill your life, the time loss won't be get back.

The world is wonderful because you and I! Don't give up!

Go, Go, Go!

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