Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A thought of one cup of coffee 一杯咖啡所激发的思想

It's a thought come to my mind when I change coffee brand, for a part few months, I was persist to buy only old town white coffee, now I change to Charcoal roasted Ipoh white coffee, if I didn't let go my old perception, I won't be have chance to try this wonderful taste coffee! So, letting go the past, you will have brand new start.

The world is keep on changing, no matter good or bad, there are nothing last forever, this is the rule of universe, something come is a compliment of something gone, something gone is ready for something new to come. 

If you want to something good to stay with you longer, you must put effort on it. But it's suffer when the one keep on holding the thing which got to go or change. 

Sometimes, human always complain and blaming there are something bad stick with them always. From my view, it's because they keep on holding the sadness thing by their hand. When the one let go, then that is the space to joy fill in.

I remember I read at some book before, one saint state that, if both of your hands keep holding something tight, how we got to grab something new? The things grab tight might are pass mind set, memory, fear, excuse, ... Human want happiness and joy must let go the thing shouldn't be grab, and the empty only able to get something which to grab. 

Most of the times, when I get something good, I will remind myself, to appreciate it, not to feel arrogant and being lazy, and must remember the feel of how hardworking to get it. it's because this success is not forever. For sure, I will feel happy too, just like a chinese proverb "feel satisfation is good to get happy". Don't think I won't be happy all the time while I being consciousness or feel over excited when I success.

At opposite case, when I met bad situation, I won't feel sad until the day going collapse, because with the understanding what the universe rule, it's also not forever, normally I will treat it as challenge from god, perhaps god want to train me, teach me, owe someone else in part life or whatever, but not because I am cool and heartless, actually I also will feel sad sometimes it's just keep the tear from all. Anyway, the sadness come, the sadness will go as long as I not keep on holding it. 

If you able to understand this principle, you may try to apply it in your life, happiness must be put on effort to strive it, it won't come without effort.

Good luck!

For the peace and love

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