Wednesday, August 18, 2010

String Snap 断弦

Today, I work until 730pm, ate porridge as my dinner with Ah Pinn, after that, Ah Farn come to my house to return something to me, his come remind me that I need to return laptop which finish service to my friend, he accompany me along the way, listen a lot of my nonsense talk.

过后,回到家里,天开始下雨,他逗留在我家,谈起音乐,说有机会在出来一起玩乐队,当然可以啦,我就突然忍不住拿起电吉他来玩了,介绍他一点我喜欢的歌,不懂是不是太兴奋了,玩着Sweet Child O'mine的中间吉他独奏时,第二条弦就给bend断,音都跑了,不能再玩了,感觉真在沸腾!右手就不知觉地把第一条拔断,听到喇叭响出断弦的声音,真是high到暴。
After the job done, the day rain, he stop at my house, we talk about music, he ask weather got chance to play along, sure yes, why not? my hand feel kinda itchy, so I just plug in the guitar and rock on, recommend some of my favorite song to him, until a part of center guitar solo of Sweet Child o'mine, the second string snap due to bending skill, the tuning was run out, the playing can't be continue,but the feeling was so high! my right hand  go to pull the first string of the guitar to snap it purposely without long thought, heard the amplifier sound string snap noise, feel so high.

Saw my younger brother who live at Taiwan share some funny thing in facebook's status, if the length of index finger and ring finger have different length, it is man's mind, else that is lady;s mind.  Fortunately my mind, he said that is information from TV show.

I feel the length of finger can be grow, learning piano and guitar really practice a lot of finger's movement, all of my left hand's fingers are obviously longer than right hand's fingers, and it's can be stretch far, thank to Steve Vai.

Today forgot to bring back my water bottle, but I brought back company's mobile telephone. 

Night, received a warn short message, she said she going to sleep. Feel I lucky, the person around me treat me so good, although there are someone treat me bad, I need to feel gratitude.  The world is formulated with good and bad.

Play and practice are totally different, there were long time I didn't practice guitar, the feel is still there, fantastic! 

Tomorrow will setup a new string, new start!

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