Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall between two stools 两头不到岸

Today is off day of mine after 6 days of working, it was hot during morning, feel kinda lazy to go out, but finally also need to go back, because there were something need be done.

For most of the off day, I spent my time to clean my house, I just can't stand the bad environment, the mood will become really bad just because of it.  There are many people feel that this is not my house, (rental house) no need to keep it clean, after all everyone will leave; some of people will feel the dirty is not causing by them, or perhaps the condition already that bad before move it, it should clean by someone who causing it; some of them will think that it is still "clean" and "tidy"; some always "busy"; or just move out to new clean house, until dirty, then move again. lol.

I think this kind of thing should take care of it automatically, as an adult, it's embarrassing to be order, the environment will be automatically become dirty and untidy by natural, want to finish it by one day is tire for me, of course I can't finish by one day, it's hard to start to do something that hard to achieve.  I finally understand my mum, understand why the one will give up all interest, dream for her family, for our happiness and comfort.  She is great.

Although today I am free, but today I not want to clean, feel bore.  It's endless job, feel unbalanced in my mind, everyone wish to do something which can't be done on normal day during off day, of course I have my thing.  I easy to get affect of the environment, the untidy of thing will cause my mood bad, if I didn't clean, mood will continue bad; if clean, I don't have time for my thing, sometimes I can be great to do the job, sometimes my tolerance will become zero.

Don't know why, many person moody today, perhaps it's cause by the heavy rain in the sudden? or magnetic field of earth change? By the way, the homework which need to be done, it must be done no matter how.  Hope after tonight, everything will be fine.  Later 1030pm, it will be someone play electric guitar at house, sorry, please forgive me this time.

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