Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 9-5-2011 Monday 

When you feel the life is full with lots difficulties, please appreciate that you still work or study, at least you found a way to survive, at least you are still stay alive, at least you can fight for your dream, at least you can do something for your beloved and family.
Every time we step out for work will might be meet another difficulties and new challenge, but you must realize what make us fight for it.
Good luck! my friend. 

On the way back.

There is nothing to do on bus, except thinking.

Give me sometimes, I will let more Chinese know about Hanfu, learn the Han etiquette, and accept it and wear their own hanfu.

Every Hanfu shop have their own characteristic, really hope to organize group purchase of hanfu with several hanfu shops.

Arrive KL, ask friend to fetch me home, his sons was on the car.

Anyone is still stay awake, just like me now?



Hanfu Movement Malaysia will organize a Chinese Culture Camp.
Place: Klang Valley
Fee: Rm250

  1. learning the culture of Hanfu,
  2.  learning the etiquette of Chinese,
  3.  know about about history of Chinese.

Free one set of hanfu (with your actual body size) which cost about Rm300.
We encourage you to register early, because we need to make one hanfu with your size for you.
First due date: Before 16 June, Fee: Rm250
Second due date: Before 16 July, Fee: Rm300
Due date: Before 16 August, Fee: Rm350
* Fee not include transport.

Any tailor who wish to know more and learn how to make hanfu? Hanfu Movement Malaysia will organize a class of teaching how to make hanfu  at Klang Valley on the June.

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