Sunday, May 1, 2011

農曆三月二十三。註冊 (Eng/Chi)

25-4-2011 Monday  

Register of Marriage (ROM) , marriage which under the law, in the Chinese culture, this register doesn't mean anything, the Chinese couple only can be declare as husband and wife after the tradition Chinese marriage etiquette.

The benefit of ROM allow the QingEr to transfer school, and allow us to buy assets with both of our names.

Due to we going to marriage in the end of year, so we need to find a day to doing ROM, become the qualify husband and wife first.

My ROM was planned at TheanHouGong, which is Chinese Temple, located at Kuala Lumpur, 10am.

We choose this day because this day is non-working day for both of us, and this is happen same day with birthday of MaZu (one of the Chinese's god), so there was a lots of people in the temple praying, touring, a lot of foreigner tourists very curious with our Chinese costume, HanFu, asking us a lot of questions, greet us, taking picture with us.

Appreciate friends of HanFu come from far, take leave from work, come here to greet us. 

Zack volunteer himself to help us taking photo. Thank!!

作者:Gilbert Goh ( 相簿 ) · 更新於星期日
Thank Gilbert bro taking work leave and come here attend my ROM, he help us taking a lot of photo also.

作者:Lenneth Siang ( 相簿 ) · 更新於星期日

Lenneth and CheeHuat Bro arrive the temple in the early morning, touching.

作者:Tok Chia Hua ( 相簿 ) · 更新於於星期一

Really appreciate work of ChiaHua Bro, his photo taking skill is good as professional, and he help us edit the photo into very nice album as well,  really thank and touching!

After all, my family, QingEr's family, and both of us going MingTian Food court for the lunch.

We all go back home after packing, settle down the all the stuff, and ready for Thailand trip.

In the journey back to Butterworth, the weather was very hot at the first, the car air-conditional malfunction, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, the day suddenly rain, the front glass become hazy due to different of temperature inside the car and the weather outside.

Arrive hometown, we went to dinner and looking for the Hatyai Ticket.

Due to a fews days of hard work, deliver heavy goods, feel very tire.

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