Friday, April 8, 2011

農曆三月初五 (Eng/Chi)

7/4/2011 Thursday

Eggplant ,balsam pear, pumpkin

Before service. It was very bad condition.

After service, finger pain, skin also about to getting off. 

Stray cat at UM, 10th Residential Collage.

Night, one of my dog, BiBi is keep on barking, there is no people walk by, it is also no because of she want to go toilet.  I saw another two dogs are keep their eyes to neighbor's house when I went out to check, so I suspect neighbor gave food to them again, this time BiBi was tie far away and she can't get any free food from  neighbor, causing she envy and going crazy.


There are some people who never understand their goodness toward my dogs will causing my dogs feel envy to each other, the worst thing is my dogs are going to quit the food I prepared for them everyday.  What they want is all dogs obey to them, loyal to them, swing the tail when the dogs see them, but they don't want take the full responsibility toward the dogs.


This case is reflect what is happening in the real society, let's say our own children are care by someone, and end up with the love is received is not equal, cause two child feel jealous, hate each other, feel want to get more attraction, feel wanna compare; the thing become after the children love and care by outsider, the children become not liking their own home anymore, the child is still young to learn to differential what is should and what shouldn't. finally the child grow up in the envy, hate environment, they do not have their own thinking about goodness, they just like to fight, destroy the other, perhaps they run away from home, who is going responsible?





此生不能不认识的一个人 (上)

Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended as Lovers

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