Monday, April 11, 2011

農曆三月初七 (Eng/Chi)

  9/4/2011 Saturday
Most of the kid now a day have a these device on their hands all the time.

Group purchasing Hanfu news updated, I successful received 90% money from friends.

It was a friend suddenly come to my house after my work, said he wanna let me see something, share something with me, (actually I listen he share once), this time he said it gotta show me a experiment, but this is Saturday night, which is the only time I can outing with my gf.

I have shown my ground clearly, tonight really can't, actually giving chance listen is let friend have chance to share his story only, I will never involve in those business, even how good it is, how many money can be earn in short time, or what ever, I already decide to delicate my life to art, music, except family there is no more extra time.

Since I start my music journey, many people keep on thinking the musicians all are live with very difficult way, everyday eat the cheapest meal, save all expenses from survive, every month spend all money until zero, thought musician have no "life", no "nice food", no "house" ,no "car", thought us using interest to fill up our stomach, using feel of interest to bring my family to travel oversea, using the feel interest to get marriage, I not really want to explain or prove to anyone how I live, how much I saving I do every month, how much I gave to my parent,  how much salary I get every month, how I spend money.

Everyone value thing with different way, include me, how I value the thing is totally different especially compare to the friend who same age group with me.

Many people think going watch a show at cinema is worth, normal person like us should like to enjoy it,
I myself feel the movie not really attract me, not feeling wanna watch at all, I won't like to watch it even I have free ticket.  If the movie is really nice, I rather watch it with my computer,or DVD,  actually I not really like to watch movie with crowed people out there.

Many people think that hurting several miles for nice and special food is the most enjoyable thing in the life, that may is the good way to release their stress after work for them, the life may meaningless without a nice food,
but I feel totally different, I not feel wanna eat those nice food, even thought it is free for me, send to my plate, I also won't eat them.  either how hungry am I, or how stress am I, or how rich am I, I still like green vegetable and white rice, light tea and barley.  I can eating the same type of food every day, every meal is specious, I appreciate all of them.

Perhaps many musician like to buy a lots effect pedal, keep on upgrade their instruments, changing part, make the sound nicely, even modify their guitar to make the sound special,
For me, I only need to proper guitar, proper effect pedal is more than enough, no need to always upgrade, no need to add-on anything, also not need modify, what to improve and modify is actually our own skill, technique, and passion.

I can donate a lot money and time to charity, I can gave my family very big amount from my salary, I just not like to spend my money on such entertainment which I feel bore, or nice food, perhaps many people feel I have no life, live with very difficult way, it is because they just putting my lifestyle on themselves, but they didn' t understand how I thinking, how I value a thing, I not feel I depreciate myself, my life, I feel my life enrich instead and no regret, I really feel peace

There are a lots, a lots...

Not understand why I think like that? nothing special, I have my own story, and I have different background with other, different thought and attitude, met different difficulties, so how I value a thing, and why I start doing a thing is for sure different with other, I believe everyone is different.


Have you been experience at the edge life and dead, with 1 second delay will totally change the ending of your life?

Have you see how your family member die in front of you?

Have you seen the one who like to eat nice food, from healthy to he get sick slowly, and the sick getting serious?


While our dream is confronted with the reality, you always feel painful. Just trample on the pain, or you‘ll be beat down by it.

If you hate me, I don't really care. I don't live to please you! 




世上有兩件事不能等:一、孝順 二、行善。

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