Thursday, April 28, 2011

農曆三月二十二 (Eng/Chi)

24-4-2011 Sunday  

After work, need to deliver a drum set to my student, she bought it yesterday.

Today schedule super pack, 8 students and need to setup the drum set before finish working.

It was very huge rain again in the evening.

On the way of deliver drum set, the traffic was jam due to the fall tree which block half of the road.

Later on, I found that the temperature of my car increase to the max, only I realize my dog bite my car's wire again cause the temperature fan can't function. in the half way here, I can't just stop here, the drum set on my car, I just can continue drive my car slowly without open air-conditional. 

Due to the body was extreme tire, the car's fan spoil, time rushing, and I not clear about the route, this journey taken more time than I expected. 

After setup, I rush back for a dinner, then rush to Serdang for the Hanfu Movement meeting.

It is so tire, my mind and body are totally exhausted, I have no more energy yo packing, after Regsiter of Marriage tomorrow only I packing for the trip.

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