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農曆三月十一 。爲什麽佛教吃素?Why Buddhism vege?

13/4/2011 Wednesday
戊戌 wuˋ xuˋ ㄨˋㄒㄩˋ

Weather is hot, puppy go into water when drinking.

A rod of Dog

Feel so evil...

Saw a friend's post why we should be vegetarian, perhaps in term of Buddhism, vegetarian is to avoid kill, somehow plant also a type of life, or perhaps we kill a lots of bug before we eat vegetable also.

I reply it like that,

Buddhism is a practice, learn to think of goodness, avoid self-fish, greed, angry, nonsense, a lots of Buddhism center encourage people to be vegetarian because meat eating will cause people start to being greed, angry, nonsense, arrogant..

Why I said so,

Greed: eating meat will causing you hungry for another meat, eating meat will causing you take more meat, did you notice? perhaps sometimes is just because of to taste, to try the new thing,...

Angry: meat-eater will get angry easily, Buddhism believe the feeling of animals before they die will transfer to its meat, and transfer to human.

Nonsense: Eating meat because of the status of life, some of the rich man eat certain meat to show how rich they are, some of them believe eat something which familiar in shape will cure the sickness, ex: eat animal's kidney to cure kidney, eat animal's penis to make their penis strong,... shark fin, wild animals... all being killed for some human's nonsense of nutrients concept, actually how high nutrient values of this type of meat? how effective of this meat can cure the sickness?

Arrogant: meat is "high class" of food for "high class" human, with their status, they won't eat "cheap" food.

All these evil thinking are one of the reasons why people keep on feel hungry.

Today world the way we choose our food is totally freedom, the food supplies are very variable, there are lack of nothing, perhaps when the man don't have a choice to choose, eating man is too survive, but when the human have choice to choose their food, when the vegetarian food is available, human with herbivorous tooth, herbivorous digest system, herbivorous's nail, because of human can't eat animal by nature, human got to using their intelligence to invent a tools to kill and cook the animal, human also can't digest raw meat and stand of the smell of raw meat, they invent a lot of cooking method, can we said this is a type of survive?

I am not criticizes meat eater. Eating is not wrong, but today the culture of eating a lots of meat everyday is totally destroying our earth environment.

I strongly believe human is herbivore from the apes. Herbivore never need to eat any meat for their protein intake, just like a cow, goat, horse, elephant, aren't they all strong? they just eat what they should eat.

From point of view of environment, the huge demand of meat in the world already reach the peak, have a research state that live stock industry required 2/3 of grain product from animal's food, the food that need for the animals grow up, but when it become a food, it is enough for how many persons? how long will it last before get hungry? example: One chicken need to eat 200kg of food for its whole life, after all a human eating this chicken, is it this person full like after eating 200kg of food? perhaps after 2 days, he will finish the whole chicken, but did you notice that 200kg of food can be how many meals of one person? it must more than 2 days, perhaps more than 2 month.  I didn't ask you to eat what chicken eat, it is just a approximate of the grain that animal eat is about same time of grain that eaten by human.  Today, how many animal killed each day to fill up human's stomach? 1 million? perhaps more than that number.

Before the live stock develop, human eat how many meat everyday / every year? perhaps you can go to ask your father, grandfather. is it they live like a normal person? most of the grandfather age persons are grow without cow milk, they are poor to eat meat every day.  Why today meat eating become a must? meat become main nutrient resource? everyday must drink milk? every week need several eggs? several pieces of cheese? everyday need several type of meat? today the advanced country, they start to make animal protein as their main meal everyday since several 10 years ago, milk, cheese, eggs become their daily product, so how many of them get cancer? heart disease? high cholesterol, diabetes?...

Did you even think about, the statement of nutrient ...the fact of nutrient is not spoken by doctor, but it is magnified by businessman who calm that that is statement from doctor/specialist. 

Eating meat is not wrong, problem is the human nowadays eat a lot of meat everyday.

If you think smoking is a type enjoyment that causing pollution, personal healthy and other health, eating meat also a same type of enjoyment that have totally same effect.

Perhaps there are a lot of people still thinking human should eat A LOT OF meat to survive, for the nutrients, just because of our body have ability to digest COOKED meat, for convenience, for enjoyment, for happiness, while the earth's environment seriously polluted because of meat industry, I rather choose to being criticized by majority of people, to be lack of nutrients, sacrifice so called "enjoyment of food" for the whole life, to being vegetarian, I know my power is very tiny, but I try to make a ecology system balanced a little bit.  Please join me while you understand the cause and do your best! live for Peace and love for the earth.

I believe in nature, by nature, with free hand, I can't eat any meat, so I choose to stop eating it.


Humans: Are We Carnivores or Vegetarians by Nature?

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