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Prepare for marriage engagement (Eng)

4/4/2011 Monday

There are a lots of stuff to do today, open a join bank account, photocopy the document which needed for marriage engagement, going Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara,- JPN to get the form, verify the form at at Oath, and submit the form to temple.  All these only can be done on weekday, so QingEr need to take leave.

Morning, we going to SS2 town area to printing personal portrait photo, it taken 15 minutes.  After that we go to bank to opening account, we are totally lucky to see the 3005 appear on the screen and found 3005 ticket on the table which left by someone, so we direct go to counter to create account.  I think I will never have another experience of opening bank account which consume not even 1 second to waiting in my future.

Actually I am quite unclear about marriage engagement procedure, where to get form, where to swear an oath.

Going to Pusat Bandar Damansara.

Today I gotta share my experiences of procedure of marriage engagement for a Malaysian in Malaysia.

There are TWO type marriage engagement: 

1.  Get it all done at JPN.
Condition: Both persons must have same state address on their Identity Card- IC, and it only can only can be done on the JPN where is both of their state located.  Both of them must be adult, else, minor must accompany by their father all the way.

2. Done at Church, or Temple.
This method is not need to have same state address on both IC.  But it need to pay, queue, the two witnesses.  Over age person must accompany by their father.

I choose the second one, because it not need us to change the new IC, the temple we go is TianHouGong.  Both of the 
marriage engagement method have about the same of procedure.


First step: Set date.
Preparation: Identity card, and money.  It can be done with only one party appear.
Go TianHouGong marriage engagement office select date, time, pay, receive a recipe.
I selected Monday, it cost RM120.
The office will request us to submit the some documents for them before marriage engagement with certain limited period.

Second Step: Prepare KC02 form
1. Male passport size portrait. (fast print are not allowed)
2. Female passport size portrait. (fast print are not allowed)
3. Blue or Black ball pen, glue.

KC02 form is an official government form of marriage, this form can be obtain free at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara: JPN. The nearest JPN around Kuala Lumpur is located at Pusat Bandar Damansara, Blok I.

The procedure of Borang KC02:
Use blue or black ball pen to fill up the form with Bahasa Malaysia, capital letter, glue portrait of both persons, address on the IC, occupation of both persons.

After that, bring the form KC02 to Pesuruhjaya Sumpah OATHS, answer some questions, let the Sworn officers sign and put on the cop then finish.  The amount needed is RM10.

Actually there are two places of Pesuruhjaya Sumpah OATHS opposite the JPN, one is in the Malay restaurant, 

And another is just same row of shop, but different block of building.

Due to both of them having emergency leave that day, we need to go nearest town, Bangsar to make procedure of swear an oath.

The Bangsar office of OATH is located the shop between the Pelita restaurant and MCD fast food, it is right above the Guardian pharmacy.

The Bangsar officer was sick that day, he losing his voice, but he still give a nice service to us.


Then both of us bring the KC02 back to JPN, with our IC, let them weather we have marriage record, and all  checking done, the officer will sign on the KC02, put on the officer cop, charge RM20 for the service.

KC02 form is finally done.

Third Step: Submit Documents
Submit 7 pieces of papers/documents to marriage engagement office at Temple, with a recipe.
(All of the photocopy document must print at different A4 paper, photocopy of front and back of the IC must done on one page of an A4 paper)

1. Photocopy of Male's IC.
2. Photocopy of Female's IC.
3. Photocopy of Birth certificate of Male .
4. Photocopy of Birth certificate of Female .
5. Photocopy of witness(1)'s IC.
6. Photocopy of witness(2)'s IC.
7. KC02 form.

Fourth Step : Marriage engagement (on the date, not yet done)
1. Male's IC.
2. Female's IC.
3. Birth certificate of Male .
4.Birth certificate of Female .
5. Witness(1)'s IC.
6. Witness(2)'s IC.

There are 4 persons who need to appear on the date of marriage engagement: The one who marriage and two witness.

Rings, Flower, Present is not compulsory, but we can do it with our own way.

The dress code on the day of marriage engagement: 
Male: Long Sleeve.
Female: Skirt.

All these stuff taken us a day, we only free after 3pm.

Hope the sharing help you!
Have a nice day.

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  1. one big clap for u!! too detailed!! haha
    d pegawai lost his voice? mz b very funny,hehe..
    so wen is d big day??


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