Tuesday, April 12, 2011

農曆三月初八 (Eng/Chi)

10/4/2011 Sunday

Sometimes when someone did  a bad thing will inspire another one doing good, he sacrifice his whole life to show us a very bad example, let's keep on remind ourselves that don't even follow his footstep, in another way, he is alike teaching us, with sacrifice his honor, even life, if you know how to think like that, you will found that actually they are so great, make himself fall to help other understand and improve. 
So, everyone have their roles of life, wrong or right is not always remain the same meaning until the end of day,  perhaps in end of the day, everyone will meet again in the heaven. 


QingEr fry tomyam bihon today.

Everyone have their own way to value a thing, own belief, how the one declare right thing, how the one declare what is good,  it is only moral is always true, so it is very hard to find another person that totally agree to what you belief or same declaration on the thing,  due to my thought different with majority of people, when friends met me, they normally will be offend by me silently, without any word, just see how I live will make their belief shake, declaration change, so for those people who over hold their thought and belief will start to debate with me, defend their own belief and thought.
For the most of time, all of this happen after the person know more about me.

人有自己的價值觀,信仰,自己覺得對的事,好的事,世上只有道德真理永遠是對的, 在其他的事情上往往這世上很難會找到完全認同自己的人,由於我和多數人不同,當人遇到我這個的人會無形中,寧靜中動搖他人的信念,所以那些過於堅持自己觀念和在意別人觀念的人們就會爭辯和維護自己信念。

How all people value a thing is different, how we declare a thing is also different, actually not such need to be make it same, why many people just like to request other to live with their way?

QingEr will only back tomorrow, we go out at night, after that, we play with puppies.

It proved neighbor give food to my dog.

There is a lady from Johor want this puppy, we are shoot a photo for her to see.


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