Thursday, July 21, 2011


17-7-2011  Sunday

Super pack sunday!

今天我上班時沒空束髮,教到一個女學生時,她充滿妒忌的眼神[火​]對我說: "why your hair longer than mine?",我:I ...[怕]
I have no time to tie my hair today, when I teach a female student, she look at me with her jealous eye, and said:"Why your hair longer than mine?"

The house look clear and clean after weeding.

Wearing formal style(ShengYi) of hanfu to have a walk with dog, feel nice.

My wife QingEr wanna try walk with dogs also, actually what wear is more suitable to this job, this type of female Hanfu is ShuHe, it available for man version also, the different is only the design and a bit of cutting different, this is a present  from Hanfu teacher -  HanLiuLian, I feel it is so nice to be wife of the one who promote culture, she always received present from my friends.

Night, I went to restaurant MAEPS where located at UPM, when I reach there, it is still early, a Malay girl walk by, she wanna take my picture without my notification, but she failed due to her camera's flash light.  It flash when we walk so near while her camera facing me. =.=


Chris Lim TawChing ‎1.韩剧有三宝:车祸、癌症、治不好. 2.谎言有三宝:天长、地久、爱到老。 3.型男有三宝:亲亲,抱抱,再推倒。 4.周董有三宝:哎呦,不错,这个屌。 5.大学生有三宝:复制、贴上、过就好。 6.大学女生有三宝:化妆、打扮、穿得少。 7.面书有三宝:按like、分享、评论好 8. 大马网路有三宝: 断线、很lag、修不好。

人类的研究 之 一
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