Tuesday, July 26, 2011


23-7-2011  Saturday

Today is DaShu, in the north of earth, it will be the hottest day in the year, human will be get sick easily in this period, friend, please take care yourself.

But the weather was so cold today in the place I live.

Wake up, I need to depart to workplace now.

During the working time, I received a text from my student when I was doing my "business" in toilet, for sure, I didn't reply her, and when I finish my job, I received a message from the call just now to ask me reply her text.

Why the people beside me always anxious? I was so relax in the toilet, but she feel pressure until sending text and call.

Today I and Hanfu, at OneUtama (OneU) Mall.

There was a credit card man trying to promote his credit card service to me, the first word he said to me was: "Do you from Ching Dynasty?" (in Cantonese and rude way), no matter what I reply, his mouth just can't stop with something with "Ching Dynasty", I really feel lazy to talk with him, after the "criticize", he still dare to  ask me to listen to his credit card plan, he know he failed to do my business, on the spot he change target to my wife. LOL

Celebrate Birthday of QingEr there, at restaurant YingKeLou

Many people thought me is insane due to my "fake" hair, with preconception thought I wear wig/fake hair bun to wear Hanfu, feel I so free to make up become ancient person, thought I am playing COS.  I am myself all the way, my hair style and cloth is in Chinese-style, which proud to said that having over 5000 years of history, by the way is it my hair as prefect as the fake one? LOL

There is either laugh at other culture, or they laugh at their own culture, and both of these are the same, didn't respect to other.


由隆雪華堂婦女組主辦的這項講座,主要目的是為了讓我們了解我們​的華夏文化。我們榮幸地邀請到馬來西亞漢服運動發起人江志發及李​振河為我們講解及漢服示范。歡迎有興趣的公眾人士參与這項有意義​的講座會。入場免費,任何詢問可聯絡隆雪華堂婦女組03-227​4 6645(玉英)或 016-6216280(黃秀英)。


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