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24-7-2011  Sunday

Chinese Culture - live with elegant and polite movement, doing one thing in one time, never rushing to do anything, in Chinese word, it called Jin, (Be Cautious)

Jin and HanFu are seen like come with one package, If you wear HanFu, you will/must have to be cautious all the way, it is just like keep hair long and tie, everything of this need patient.  Applying Chinese etiquette with HanFu is the most suitable.

Almost everyday I wear HanFu since last 6 months, to testing weather HanFu can be fully implement into our life or not, at home or outing, driving. eating, drink, using computer, writing calligraphy, practice music instrument, reading also is not a problem with Big Sleeve type of HanFu, such as ZhiJu, QuJu, ZhiZhui, but if doing some tough job, like cleaning, washing, of course, big sleeve will be not suitable. Actually HanFu do have big sleeve one.  I feel wearing Big Sleeve style of HanFu is not a problem in my daily life, every unconvinced of HanFu can be "solve" by politeness and Jin.

When doing tough job, there will a kind of cloth, When enjoy leisure life, there will be another kind of cloth, it apply on all kind of cloth.

If you feel big sleeve style of HanFu really block your way, you can design PiPaXiu style of sleeve, or using Wrist.  The Leisure and formal style of HanFu never come with small sleeve because big sleeve is main symbol of Hanfu.

Don't be misunderstood, I doesn't mean to avoid myself to wear other type of cloth. I am just too like to wear HanFu, so I always wear, but sometimes I do wear different of cloth as well.

Confident and feel proud is come from yourself, is a kind of thinking which believe your own superiority, totally believe own idea, but is not came from other, the real confident couldn't be gain from agreement of others, if you said agree by others, others is who? family? friends? whole world? it can't be.  If you do something bad, the "angel" will disagree with you, if you do something good, the "evil" will disagree with you, so, is it agreement by other determine what you should do? what should you proud of? Human being must know what should confident with, truth.  I feel that the one always wanting other to agree with them is one kind of self-abase.

Cat drink "milk" from the dog.

I have a friend who always have sensitive nose problem, which is always had runny nose in the early morning, she found that it cure after she quit milk.  I think anyone who have this problem can try to quit milk.

Two student cancel her class, feel so relax suddenly.

We come to this restaurant only remember last year we had our dinner here for my birthday, then only we remember someone not yet celebrate my birthday and still can celebrate with simple meal.

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