Tuesday, July 19, 2011


10-7-2011  Sunday

If there is "fire" in your heart, you won't be feel cold when you having bath at night.

There was a second day of Hanfu tailor course, I have to leave home early, Fifi shake her tail when it see me on the morning.

Our teacher - HanLiuLian teach us how to fold HanFu today, normal folding method we use will damage hanFu.

In these two days course, we learn a lots of thing about HanFu, including the what is meaning of how we cut in cloth when drawing HanFu, how to wash/care abotu HanFu as well.

After the activity, we work together to clean the place, fetching back the sewing machine, return the car to ZhengDaGe who willing to borrow his car helping us HanFu Movement, Thank, and appreciate it.  I received a call from my buddy when I having dinner to have a drink later.

I rarely drink alcohol, but it is only when the weather is cold, I feel reluctant to drink alcohol when the hot day, this is Sapporo daught.

With some junk food.

It was long long times never taking photo with my buddies, actually they coming out so late at night is because the next day will be my birthday. LOL

Finally the jobs of today finish, Continue tomorrow. 

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