Friday, July 22, 2011


20-7-2011  Wednesday

Send the newspaper of Hanfu tailor class to teacher, that day forgot to give this paper to her when we fetch to airport.
Just now helping manager to buy pendrive, feel quite surprise of the price of pendrive now! the smallest  strorage available now is 4GB and it's only RM22, and 8GB is also very cheap, RM33.


Get back My Hanfu from Laundry fro dry cleaning, it's taken two days, the charge is depend on the how many cloths, my Hanfu with one cloth and one coat are count as two piece, QingEr one is also count as two piece, totally 4 piece, the price is not cheap, after cleaning, I bring my white coat of hanfu to make it shorter.

Nice Quote

If you wanna do something, do with your heart, dare to take the responsibilities, don't scare other to hurt you.

If you life got a lots of  failure, from a another view, you need to thank god, to give chance to training you.

Walk into society and work for people, only you can know about the real life.

Facing the bad criticize is one of practice.

Our life must trust a real thing and truth, even when talking about religion, everything must be reasonable,  never talk about supernatural force, overtaking other comment, then only we will gain the real knowledge and wisdom, teaching and make other gain goodness.

How dilemma progress is depend on how we declare it, and how we accept it.

Human have A pair of ear, eyes, hands, legs, but one mouth. The principle: Human must listen more, see more, do more, but speak less.  Practice will taken place with execution, but not just talking.

Give away can eliminate greed, Mercy can eliminate hate, wisdom can eliminate stupidity.

Before criticize other, we must thinking weather we are prefect to do that.

Stay neutral: When praised by someone, never feel too happy, because it is what we suppose to do; When insulted by someone, also not feel upset.  Never think to happy and upset.

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