Tuesday, August 9, 2011


8-8-2011 Monday

I see there will be a  difficulties on the way that I going to step on, I still going on, riding my bike to  the town.

Sometimes the worries in our mind won't happen, I reach the town safety without any rain.

the traffic jam is getting worst when there are a lots of selffish drivers who making jump queue.

晚上去Kota Damansara的Asia Cafe和朋友消夜,最近很愛吃。
I having supper with my friend at Asia Cafe where located at the Kota Damansara, feel like to eat recently.

HanFu, we still have long way to go, you will become one of the well-known cloth in the fashion world, please continue stand on the ground firmly while other look down of you.

Water, clean and clear.

注 : 供佛水不是要給佛陀喝水,這只是一種形式。
p/s: Use water to pray Budda is a kind of praying method, it is not for Buddha to "drink".

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