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1-8-2011 Monday

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Bring some cloths to tailor shop to make into the belt type of cloth to tie my hair, feel that use cloth to tie hair will be better, it won't be so tight.

It will be quite long time I didn't vacuum my car and wash it.  Guess what will happen someone wearing hanfu to bring his car to let other wash? answer, other just treat you as normal person, you need to queue, wait, you also need to pay, and no other than that. LOL

Bought a set of GuQin CDs.

It is not a attack anyone, but to let other know the answer through the question about Hanfu.

Answer question,

“It isnt that chinese didnt want to wear it. Do u suppose that chinese wear hanfu to the town? Looks weird isnt it? If chinese wear it to occasional function then i think it is acceptable. "

For me, I feel very comfortable to wear hanfu, so I always wear it during outing.


What in your mind was correct, ...a lots of people feel me weird, I really met uncountable of people who laugh at me, kidding around with my cloth, but I just feel so confident and proud with my cloth which really belong to Chinese, no matter how people look or think of me, I didn't do anything wrong to myself, my family, my race, my country my ancestor, and it hurt no one, it is no reason needed for a Chinese to wear their own tradition cloth, it is not need any explanation for someone else, I just do it.

I understand what is my culture background, Hanfu is part of Chinese culture, perhaps the like a matter of mother and son, that is no son blame mother ugly, so I just feel everything is such fine.

Still remember when I was young, I will feel embarrassing when parent appear in front of my friends, some of the friend was so naive to ask why your parent look like that? why you parent will come one? you did something wrong? It seen like no confident to to let other know that who is my parent, or feel parent are so old to show face in front of friend?

Don't know how this type of mindset come into youngest friend's mind, when the time pass, we become more mature, think that no matter how is the parent work, look, they are always our parent, it never been change from the day you born.


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大家一起抵制Facebook上面的 色情圖片 和 廣告圖片

Is anything worse in carbon emissions than meat? Well, it seems cheese is a significant environmental evil, better only than beef and lamb.

Ngiam Chee Jieh 寫於 2011年8月1日 14:28

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生活中需注意的10个细节。1、记住别人的名字; 2、不轻易许诺;3、拒绝别人要讲求艺术;4、赞美要具体有新意​; 5、不轻易责备别人;6、 学会感恩;7、提醒别人错误时要讲究艺术;8、开玩笑要注意分寸​;9、谈论对方感兴趣的话题;10、守时。

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