Thursday, May 19, 2011


18-5-2011 Wednesday

There was a road construction in the morning on the way to company.

Riding my motorbike to Kuala Lumpur to get some stock, really hot.

To say sorry to friends, about my own wedding ceremony, the etiquette will be done with Chinese style, which actually different with the style of recent Chinese style of ceremony which consist a lots of games, and noise situation.

In our mind, Marriage is a very serious, polite ceremony, the etiquette must be approve by parent, ancestor and race's culture.

The rain pour down just after I reach home.

Tonight free, wash hair.

I have something to share, it may offend some ladies, this is not purposely point to anyone, if you are sensitive person please ignore this, but I hope everyone can think deeply what am I write here.

I personally feel that the culture of sexy shouldn't be popularize, I have two reasons.

First, expose part of the body in the air is bad to the health, it can be said as no respect to parent who give body to you.

Second, it make someone think about sex, it is totally not good for own safety.

Although as a man, everyone have a mindset to "see more", but when the case change to our family member, our sister/daughter/wife be in situation of unhealthy and unsafe, think seriously and deeply, should we follow this sexy culture? should it be popularized?

Everything has two side, when we thinking, before making decision, we at center.


Try to think,
Who is the one support you wearing sexy, why they support?
Who is the one not support you to wearing sexy? why they not support?

Sometimes we need to do the thing without support of anyone, but sometimes we need to refuse to do something although support by other,
Sometimes we have to do something that against by other, but sometimes we have to think over again also if our action against by other.

In this world, there is no single thing that you can get 100% of people support and agree one, but majority is doesn't mean it should be.

Went to the curve drink tea with buddies.
晚上去The Curve廣場那裏和朋友們喝茶。

There was very less people here when the weekday, the market is like a weather, cold.


Hanfu movement.


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