Thursday, May 5, 2011


30-4-2011 Saturday

What can you observe is this picture? Did you observed some greatest working contribute their energy and life for our mother earth?

I am back, from busy to relax life style, and from relax back to busy life again.

The life is like a test, perhaps an assignment, the things can be all come together, and many of them can't wait to be complete, such as working, deliver stock, meeting, trip, find housemate to fill up the slot, ROM,...

Company secretary only give me the income tax form today! while today is the last day to pay.

My colleague said that the government do collect income tax and registration until 8pm now, so I go to try.

It's open! and there is no one in queue.
果然還開著! 而且沒有人的。

It's a first time I pay income tax, need to open new account, new file....a group of them surrounding me to help me, and taking picture for fun some more.

Their service not bad!

My room

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