Friday, May 6, 2011


 2-5-2011 Monday

Due to yesterday is Laboar day which fall on Sunday, many shops was close for the replacement of holiday, but fortunately the vegetarian shop is open.

Afternoon went to OneUtama, there is very crowed, and there was Model Cat walk show on this day.

Met a friend at shopping mall, previously we had some misunderstanding, there was several months already we didn't communicate, so that the group of friends since secondary school, some of them even from primary school, this times we met each other face to face, but he not even wanna look at me while I keep looking at him, really, I don't know what to do, although this is always happen in my house (he is my housemate).

my life is not to make someone happy, I tries a fews times to communicate with him, but I not even have chance to sit face to face with him, hate me is doesn't matter, I won't regret about anything.  Life must go on, eating.

QingEr cooked a noodle at night, it is benefit of woman at home. lol


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