Tuesday, May 17, 2011


  16-5-2011 Monday

Traveling back from QingEr there on the evening.

The rain fall like hell, due to I wearing hanfu so I won't feel so cold.

There was very huge rain in the journey, we arrived Seremban Bus stop to bus interchange, the malay guy who sell bus ticket keep on say about my hanfu is nice, asking me weather I going for making film, and asking me weather I can fly or not. LOL

Rain never stop, when we waiting a train at the Monorial station of Hang Tuah, there is a camera man, I guess he is guess tourist, he try to capture me secretly, actually what he want to capture is my hanfu, who know, I observed him, and I give him a "V" for him to capture, he so scare and turn to hiding from me! all of his friends laugh out loud!
雨一直下,在吉隆坡Hang Tuah Monorial車站等單軌火車,對岸有一個平民攝影師想偷偷拍我穿#漢服#的模樣,怎知讓我發現到,結果我就給一個"V"手勢,他馬上轉身假裝!他朋友們都把他笑翻了。

Another wonderful experience happen when I walked from Monorial station of KL center to Rapid KL station, there is one young lady keep on saying me cute, your cloth very cute, she just making me sweat in the cold night, LOL, then another guy shout me asking me weather I am Shaman (Sai Gong! Sai Gong! )it mean Shaman in hokkein, I think I should have Salvation ceremony there as wel. LOL

  從KL center Monorial車站走過去Rapid LRT更夠力,有女子在街上一直說我可愛,(伊~~你們看,他的衣服可愛咯,你可愛咯),大冷天當場流汗,又有男子大喊問我是不是祭師(Sai Gong! Sai Gong!),真的差點要現場做超度儀式了。哈哈

Cook something to eat.

Dinner, someone ate a lot of white rice.

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