Monday, May 2, 2011

合艾第一天 (Eng/Chi)

Hatyai First Day
    26-4-2011 Tuesday

We reserve two of 8am van ticket to Hatyai ( At Northern of Malaysia, people used to go Thailand with Van instead of Bus), it is too early, rushing, but the driver was late, he arrive on 830am, we wait him at Seberang Jaya, Caltex Petrol station where nearby Pearl Hotel, the van only depart on 845am after he transfer something to people. The ticket is RM30 for each seat.

Changlun, which is Border town of Kedah state.  There is a Collage Matriculation nearby this town, which is QingEr's school last time.

We arrive border of Malaysia on 11am, Driver stop us at a food court for simple meal, toilet, filling the departure card and immigration card.  Service charge RM2.00.  You can exchange money here, the rate here is acceptable.  We depart to border of Thailand after 15 minute.

After 5 minutes, we arrive Malaysia Custom for the Passport Checking.

Within a fews minutes, we arrive Custom of Thailand, need to go through passport checking again, and taking portrait picture. No much people in queue, all passenger done all procedures in 10 minutes.  The time now is 1135am.

After border, we change our time to Thailand time, 1 hour early than Malaysia (UTC +7:00).  Time become 1035am,  earning 1 hour.
過了邊界,我們把時間轉成泰國時間,比馬來西亞早一個鐘頭(UTC +7:00)。現在的時間變成十點三十五分。

Town at border of Thailand.  It taken about another 1 hour and 30 min to arrive Hatyai from Border.

The hotel we stay is Grand Plaze, located at the center of the Hatyai's city, the night market of Hatyai is just several step away from the Hotel.
 我們住的酒店是Grand Plaza,在合艾市中心,一出去就是合艾夜市。

7-11 Convenience stores is everywhere, I guess it can be another 7-11 store in 100 steps.  So, if you want find people or asking location, you must make sure you not using 7-11 store as a landmark.

The street's electric cable here are a lots, and look untidy.

Malay restaurant is foreign restaurant, it look very high class here. 

Super spicy, hot veggie Tomyam soup.

Vegetarian Fried Rice.

The private taxi driver hard sell his package on the street.  His name, Ah Run, drive turbo car as his taxi here, if you wanna visit far places(such as Simila Beach, Mermaid, Communist Camp ) and to save time, he is the one. But quite expensive as compare to tuk tuk car (Public Transport in Thailand).

Ah Run's contact.

We going Travel agent shop to browse the picture of the attracting places, SongKhala Beach, Mermaid statue, Communist army camp, Bottle Temple, Four Face Buddha, GuanYin Temple, Sleeping Buddha temple, Standing buddha Temple, Ice dome...floating market only available on Friday and weekend, we miss it.

Antique toy store

Mobile Post station
QingEr said the Product in the Shopping Mall here is quite attractive.

Shopping mall having live band contents.

She is crazy, kissing doll.

There is a very huge shoe store at the basement of the shopping mall.

Various of earing sell for 25batt here.

Robot Model Toy

After shopping, we go to do the Thai Massage, 200batt one hour for each person.

If you wearing a tight pants, such as Jean, or skirt, they will request you to change to the wide pants which prepare by them.  To do this massage, you need to remove your ring, spectacles, earning, necklace. 

After Massage, all of your body muscle will be released, and tiredness will gone, and you will be serve one hot tea.

Actually the massage service here is very cheap, if you come here to travel, you must try it.

Seafood, fruit sell on the street.

Fresh Coconut 30batt, remember choose only the coconut which have skin, because only coconut which with the skin allow you to differentiate how old is it, for those "un-skined" coconut can keep for very long period, it is not longer fresh.  
Buying tradition pillow and two seat cushion.

Snack, peanuts, bean, durian cake, chestnuts which fried with coffee bean, sour plum, seeds...

The shop here so old.

A lots of pirate beg sold here.

Almost every shop here carry same model of products, if you want the lowest price, you need to asking the price of particular product from one shop to another one, and then go to the lowest one asking for discount again.

I think these bikes is for rent one.

Hawker Stall.

After dinner, we go back Hotel for rest, now only I told my friend I going to Hatyai via Facebook.  The Grand plaza Hotel don't have free internet access, they sold one hour internet access for 20batt.

730pm we start looking the way to go Thai girl show place, in this period, tuk tuk car can't go in the our hotel area, we walk along the street only we found a tuk tuk car, They charge us 100batt to fetch us to that place, we have been told the fee will be 20batt each person to go there.  So, we refuse it.
七點半,我們開始尋找方法去Thai Girl Show的地方,在這段時候,突突車不能停在我們酒店那裏,我們得走了一小段路才能找到突突車,他們說要收我們泰銖一百塊才可以載我們去,之前買票的人說一人去那裏的收費是泰銖二十而已,所以我們拒絕了。

After we show the tickets, only they agree to fetch us with 40batt.  I think that is a agreement of tuk tuk car with the Thai Girl show place.  The driver see us only have two persons, so they ask us to go with his motor bike, the bike passenger here no need to wear helmet and 3 persons riding on the bike also not a problem.

Don't know why almost every drivers and shop's staff here pushing/raising Thai Girl Show to tourists.  450batt each ticket, every night 2 show, 8pm one, and 930pm one, one show is about 1 hour.

Thai Girl show is an adult show, the show girls and mens are naked, and a lots of sexy, live sex scene, and it have some sex acrobatics performance, and it is prohibited photo and video record.  I think it is illegal show.

After the show, we are going back hotel with 20batt each person by tuk tuk car.

I believe Malaysia tourists will feel very surprise about the price of snack which sold at 7-11 store, the price is fat more cheaper and choices are a lots.


  1. 好像是蜜月旅行。。泰式的按摩一定很不错。。会痛的吗。。?

  2. 哇,還multilanguage的哩。。。



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