Wednesday, May 11, 2011


10-5-2011 Tuesday

There are new shipments again.

Plan to do group purchase hanfu event again, this time with three different hanfu shops at once.  Targeted 15-20 hanfu for one shop, is it enough?

Tonight drink with secondary schoolmate at Starbucks of Mid Valley Mall, one of friend coming from hometown for training, male friend didn't take picture with me, so left with this picture only.

They said there are a few of Malaysia's radio DJ drink tea at the same shop with us, I less take note about the  news, so I can't even recognize which one is DJ.

We chat a lots, in the end, we always chat about secondary school story, and some gossip thing, who like who, who is going marriage, who is argue with who, LOL

Believe goodness will change to situation and environment slowly, everything happen with reason, so we not need to over worry the thing that not going to happen without reason. 

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